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Exhibition Space to Open on Franklin Street

BY Tanay Warerkar

Franklin Street is set to become home to a massive exhibition center this fall.

Located between Noble and Oak Streets on Franklin, the 40,000 square foot Brooklyn Expo Center owned by Pearl Realty Management Inc., will primarily serve as a space for local artists to showcase and sell their work.

Of the total space available about 28,000 square feet will be used exclusively for the exhibition space.

An exterior lined with windows and large open spaces inside will greet visitors as they look upon the space. The space will have on-site parking, a cafeteria, office and meeting rooms, and will be able to accommodate up to 2,200 people at a time.

To residents concerned that the space might become another party hole in the neighborhood with loud music and drunken merriment into the late hours of the night, the owners of the space are assuring that no such thing will take place.

“This is certainly not the type of place where we can have loud events or any such thing,” said Uri Zucker, who represents Pearl Realty Management for the property. “We are really hoping this space will bring lots of different opportunities for local artists to present their work and sell their products. This will only add more value to the neighborhood.”

The building was previously home to a showroom that sold restaurant equipment. Its new owners are now hoping that the exhibition space will add more value and vibrancy to the neighborhood’s artistic scene.


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