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New Six-Part Webseries Launches at Videology Saturday

BY Tanay Warerkar

A new web series based in Williamsburg is set to premier at Videology, the bar/DVD rental store on Bedford Avenue this Saturday.

The show titled, SNAFU, short for Situation Normal All F**cked Up, is a six part episodic comedy about the trials and travails of Florence, a girl living in Brooklyn, who gets fired at the start of the first episode, and then attempts to discover her true purpose in life over the course of the series.

The title is a reference to military slang that originated during WWII. Today it has fallen out of common parlance but the creators of the show meant it as a reference to the unpredictable nature of life.

“Unlike our grandparents and some of our parents, our generation never had to face the possibility of being drafted into a war,” said Haley Rawson, one of the producers on the show. “That really seems to put all of our petty problems into perspective and makes for a pretty good comedy platform.”

SNAFU is the brainchild of sketch-comedy writer Chloe Sanders, who created the show along with a number of other collaborators, and is playing the lead on the show.

“I loved the writing right off the bat,” said Daphne Gardner, one of three directors who each directed two episodes of the series, in a Kickstarter campaign video. “Chloe is really talented. I can really relate to her characters. I definitely wanted to be a part of this project.”

In October, Sanders and her team launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise $16,000 for the production that included everything from the paying the crew, getting equipment, buying props, and renting out locations to shoot.

In just over 20 days the show had amassed 149 backers and surpassed its goal.

“SNAFU is witty, funny, original, creative, goofy, and has created an amazing place where a crew and cast of young talented people in New York can come together and create something for you all to enjoy,” said Rawson. “We were amazed by the generosity and support we got from our friends and family as well as total strangers [for the Kickstarter campaign].”

Over the last six months, Sanders and her team have been filming the show, and adding the final touches in the post-production.

And now all the hard work pays off.

After the premier on Saturday, Episode One airs on the show’s You Tube Channel Tuesday, March 25th. New episodes will air each Tuesday on that channel, as well as on SNAFU’s website

SNAFU at Videology, 308 Bedford Avenue, Sat. March 22nd, Doors open 6:30 p.m., Screening 7:30 p.m.


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