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Assemblyman Joe Lentol

Lentol: Delay Common Core Test-Based Assessments for at Least Two Years


Assemblyman Joe Lentol is calling on the State Education Department to delay Common Core test-based assessments for at least two years. The delay, he said, should apply to test-based decisions affecting teachers, students and principals and the sharing of sensitive and private student data with third-party vendors.

“We all share the same goals of improving our schools and ensuring that our students learn and succeed,” Lentol said. “That’s why we need to get this right. Numerous concerns regarding the State Education Department’s rollout of the Common Core have been raised. While we work to find solutions to these issues, it’s only sensible that we delay use of the Common Core-aligned tests for making high-stake evaluations associated with the new standards.”

In addition, the State Education Department should continue developing curricula aligned with Common Core and provide assistance to local school districts and educators in their efforts to develop effective methods for teaching Common Core subjects to students, the Assemblyman explained.

Lentol is also calling for a delay in the sharing of sensitive student data. Over the past year, many educators, community members and stakeholders have raised concerns about potential flaws in the Education Department’s plans to share sensitive student data with third-party vendors like inBloom Inc. These concerns relate to the protection of student data from security breaches and the potential for the student data to be inappropriately used for commercial purposes.

“We need to protect the privacy of our students and ensure that any information about them is being used for valid educational purposes,” Lentol said. “The State Education Department should also delay for at least two years the use of any third-party vendor until all of these concerns have been adequately addressed.”


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