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Laura Turzo

Greenpoint Resident Laura Turzo Takes a Shot at Curing the Incurable

BY Jeff Mann

Greenpoint resident Laura Turzo has a message for the world: You’re only as helpless as you allow yourself to be.

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) in 2012, Turzo’s immediate reaction was denial. “I was completely devastated,” she recalled. “I didn’t want to believe it. [Eventually] I decided to accept it and charge on, but underneath it all, I thought my life was over.”

Parkinson’s is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. Its cause is unknown and it is incurable, a prognosis Turzo refused to accept.

“You’re given the news and you’re given the prognosis, which is based on what’s happened to other people,” she said. “I decided I wasn’t going to be trapped in that, I was going to view it differently, I was going to be open to the possibility that it could turn out differently.”

Existing treatments manage the early symptoms of PD, but are iffy at best and only work for a limited time. Turzo chose her own path, landing at the doorstep of a functional neurologist. He suggested changes to her diet – eliminating starches and dairy, and Turzo noticed an almost immediate change. To begin with, she no longer shuffled when she walked, her tremors lessened and she regained her sense of smell, lost in 2010. She experienced improvements to her gastrointestinal system, also affected by the disease.

Ultimately, the difference for Turzo came after attending a transformative education seminar, about possibility. “I think that’s what’s missing for people with Parkinson’s and other illnesses,” she said. “People need to know that there are possibilities out there. The better I get, the more I can prove that it’s possible.”

On Thanksgiving Day 2013, Turzo launched her blog,, to share the information she has obtained while seeking a cure for the incurable. It lists the people she has seen, treatments and therapies she has tried and her experiences fighting PD. “I’m including anything that has even the smallest amount of possibility out there, because I don’t want to feel trapped. Possibility means not buying that it’s incurable because then you’re already doomed. That’s why my blog is called The Curables.”

Within a few days had its first couple of hits from other Parkinson’s patients asking questions. Turzo is now trying to start a meet up group and looks forward to starting a support group for PD sufferers.

“The goal [of the blog] is for people to share what works and what doesn’t work,” Turzo said. “I’d love it if other people with Parkinson’s said ‘hey, I did this and got great results with it.’ I want to broadcast these successes.”

Between Turzo’s drive and overwhelmingly positive attitude, it just may lead to a cure.

Turzo’s blog can be found at A list of upcoming meet-ups and events is available at

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