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Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

Maloney, Nadler Call for Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Benefits


With the debate heating up in the House, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney called for the restoration of emergency unemployment benefits that have expired for 110,000 New Yorkers and 1.3 million Americans nationwide.

“Right now, for every job opening in the country there are nearly three people looking for a job,” Maloney said. “Even if every one of these jobs is filled tomorrow, there would still be far too many left without a job. The right way to reduce reliance on unemployment insurance is to create jobs – not cut benefits.

Maloney was joined in her call by Congressman Jerry Nadler (NY-10). “Unfortunately, the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives shamefully ended unemployment insurance for 1.3 million Americans, including 127,100 New Yorkers, who are currently looking for work,” he said. “Extending unemployment insurance is the right thing to do for our hard working families and it is the right thing to do for our nation’s economy.”

New York State will continue to provide up to 26 weeks of state-funded unemployment insurance, but the federal program, which had been providing an additional 47 weeks of coverage, has expired. According to Maloney, extending emergency unemployment benefits through the end of 2014 will lead to an estimated 200,000 jobs and a fifth of a point of additional economic growth. The unemployment rate in New York City is still 8.6 percent.

“These are hardworking Americans who have fallen on hard times and they need our support,” said the Congresswoman. “Cutting this emergency support is not only cruel and callous, it’s also foolish. Federal unemployment insurance is one of the most effective ways to boost our economy and create the very jobs we’re hoping these people will fill, according to most economists. Congress must take immediate action to restore these benefits.”


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  • Robin B:

    The company that I had worked for for 7 years closed its doors in June 2013. I am 56 years old, have worked and paid taxes since I was 16 years old. My competition in the job market is adorable, vibrant young people with college educations. I just need some more time to try to find a job. I got laid off due to no fault of my own.Please continue the emergency benefits! I hate the thought of welfare, food stamps or worse…selling my home. Thank you

  • Anthony Saunders:

    I am a 56 year old man that has paid into our tax system since I was fifteen. Now, I find myself without a job; also, Prostate Cancer and a Liver condition without a cure that is not caused by over drinking. Nevertheless, I am still seeking a job, but need help paying my rent and gas to travel to Worksource for job searching. It is very sad that the US can provide Billions of Dollars to other countries, but has an issue with going the extra mile for their own sister and brothers.

  • vanessa mendez:

    Employed since was 13 years of age. I have worked hard My entire life. Recently, I became unemployed and have been for five months. I deserve the extension if benefits as I aggressively look for work … please wirk toward restoring the benefits!

  • Samuel Reeder:

    When the Emergency Unemployment started, I had reservations about the long-term effects. Now I am unemployed with low prospects for getting back to work very soon, despite my best efforts. As usual, the Congress and the White House only threw money at the problem with no real long-term solutions for the decades of waste, squandering and abuse of the US economy and all our futures. This program could have been funded along with real re-training programs if they had only a clear cut sense of priorities. If not for the incompetence of our elected officials, the question of the need for extending this program would be moot.
    Congratulations to Congress and the President, you have failed us again.

  • Elliot Suarez:

    I’m a 55years old worked since i was 16 years old, lost my job due drop in our economy,wich lead to the company to relocate, i been out of work for 7 month now and all i ask is from the leaders of this great country is to please extend the benefit at lease 1more year. ELLIOT S.

  • John Marshall:

    It is deplorable that the rhetoric of our do nothing congress and house continues to hurt the people they are supposedly serving. Congress has no problem voting for themselves a raise and bailing out corporations who in turn use tax payer money for bonuses. When it comes to supporting the American workers who pay into unemployment insurance we are labeled as free loaders! My god there is something terribly wrong with the state of the nation…..

  • Kimberly C.:

    I’ve read different articles making it sound like receiving unemployment benefits is a vacation and we’re all living the high life. You do not become a millionaire nor are you living a life of luxury while on unemployment. It is a struggle to keep my kids and I off the street. To no fault of my own, I lost my job 7 months ago due to the plant I was working at shutting down. I look everyday and have applied for jobs too many to begin to count. Trust me, I would much rather be working and earning a pay check then to have to depend on unemployment, however that’s all I have or should say, HAD now that my benefits have been exhausted. Please, please Congress, make this a priority and pass the emergency extended benefits. It could be one of your family members in this situation.

  • L. Bellamy:

    I have been gainfully employed for the last 16 years. In March I lost my job because of technology (I was replaced by a machine). I was unemployed once before early on in my life at the age of 18. At that time, I was put into a training program and received unemployment benefits as well as a weekly check for transportation to get back and forth to the training location. Now,you receive nothing. How can you find a job if you have no money to get to an interview, no clean clothes to dress the part. In a few months I may be homeless. Does anyone care? I think not. We pay these lawmakers’ salaries but they are not working for us. Every time you turn around they are getting raises. Those raises could probably fund the restoration of unemployment benefits for years to come.

  • Shannon MacDonell:

    I’ve contacted my Senators office multiple time, also Harry Reids office, and last night and today the White House with no response. My phone (including Internet )will be shut off today. We have 10.00 left and don’t want to be a burden on society which the unemployment offices keep suggesting we go to social services. Do they want us to be this desperate ? We are. The best part is I have a job too stat,but can’t get there for a week on 10.00…what do i? What do we do ? Now over 166 (not a lot of money ) our phones are going to be shut off so we won’t be able too talk, email, or get in toich with anyone. So much fo. Living in the country…I guess it will be REALLY QUIET NOW.. THANKS GOVERNMENT.. WE R NOT ASKING FOR 99 WEEKS JUST THE COUPLE IF MONTHS 3-11 YOU KEEP DANGLING AND PULLING AWAY FROM US.. NOW WE CANNOT EVEN PUT GAS IN CAR… DO YOU CARE ?

  • Shannon MacDonell:

    Too bad I cannot get to, or even call soon (sometime today ) my new job to embarrassingly explain without the unemployment I thought they would restore, I cannot afford to even drive to new job…$1000 a week plus, and BENEFITS and more… pretty sad not onky am I poor, damaged, beat emotionally, mentally, socially, financially, physically, and spiritually, can anyone tell us how to help ourselves???? Not the state …but ourselves so we dont feelworse rhen we already do

  • Gaetane Martin:

    I’m 66 years old, receive social security not much, I cannot live with the little that . I receive I worked all of my life paid for unemployment benefit now that I need it it is takeaway. I’m actively looking for employment maybe because I’m a senior I don’t get a job? I sure do not look anywhere 66, I’ve always taken care of myself.Now I need that my benefits This February I will not have money for my rent, something is wrong here! Please restore our benefit that I work all my life for. I started collecting unemployment last February.

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