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Greenpoint Gazette Guide to District 14 Schools: PS 132 / The Conselyea Street School


Address: 320 Manhattan Avenue
Phone Number: (718) 599-7301
Motto: The Shining Star of Williamsburg
Principal: Beth Lubeck

PS 132 is an integrated community of learning, in the heart of thriving Williamsburg. After 100 years in the neighborhood, the school has seen a lot of change, but nothing like the renaissance of the past two decades. With the influx of a vibrant artistic population into an already rich, multicultural neighborhood, we now see a community whose old-time heart beats with a creative pulse. The school celebrates that diversity by sharing both new and traditional experiences with its students. “Respect is the backbone of all members of our learning community,” explained Assistant Principal Stephanie Korotz. “As we respect others strengths, weaknesses, likenesses and differences, we become open-minded and compassionate. We learn to appreciate others and ourselves. Our programs are designed to fulfill these goals while inspiring a lifelong passion for learning.”

The PS 132 curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, ensuring that students are presented with rigorous performance tasks in both English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. To assist with such a mammoth task, the school added a Common Core State Standards coach to its administrative cabinet. Additionally, it created a Response to Intervention Specialist teacher to support the Special Education Reform efforts within the school community.

With all the new city and state Board of Education mandates, PS 132 launched Parent University last school year. Monthly workshops give parents the opportunity to learn about new mandates and state standards from teachers who were deemed highly effective, in specific areas, by the administrative staff. Coaches conducted workshops on the Common Core State Standards and showed parents exemplary pieces of writing to help them understand what is expected from each grade level. In addition, parents on the School Leadership Team conducted Parent University sessions that included Yoga, candle making and arts & crafts.

PS 132 offers students real-life experiences to infuse their academic learning with vitality and meaning. Its school bands have performed at Brooklyn Borough Hall, and were cheered at many other events throughout the year. Classes grow lettuce from seeds and learn to cook all manner of vegetables with Cookshop and the Growing Chefs program. In addition to the ten weeks of TADA (Theater & Dance Academy) and yoga instruction students receive, this year the school implemented a new Performance Arts cluster. Each grade engages in a grade specific performing arts residency for a ten week cycle. As a culminating activity, the students perform for their families. Students have performed Latin Dance, African Dance, Creative Movement, Ballet and Ballroom Dancing. Korotz said these efforts create a rich learning environment and encourage the best from students.

Students give back to the community with efforts like collecting relief funds, making crafts and even providing an entire Thanksgiving meal to students and faculty of the Scholars Academy in the Rockaways after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The students created and care for the backyard garden at the Leonard Street Library and have mobilized the entire school community in yearly penny drives, bake sales and more.

On Sunday, June 9th, from 12:00PM – 5:00PM, P.S. 132 will host one of its most important community building fundraisers at CitiStorage (5 North 11th Street). The school’s popular Kite Festival brings the diverse community together to enjoy a day of crafts, games, student performances, music, incredible food and kite flying. The number of people who volunteer their time to assist with the event is remarkable. So many families come to the festival to proudly fly their kites.

This year, PS 132 received 4 grants for community service efforts: the TAPE grant for $1000, the Hersecker grant for $1000 (both through a partnership with Generation ON), $1000 from the NYC Service in Schools Award recognizing the school’s commitment to community service and a $250 grant for its food drive with the proceeds going to our local food pantry. In addition, P.S. Art annually acknowledges outstanding artwork in grades Pre-K through 12 through an exhibition and catalogue. The New York City Department of Education and Studio in a School convene panels of artists, arts professionals and arts educators to serve in two rounds of judging. Final selections highlight outstanding student artwork and exemplary practices of their teachers as they relate to the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Visual Arts. Two 132 students were recognized and highlighted for their drawings, one of which was published on the cover of the 2012 Pre-Kindergarten Parent Choice Catalog.

“At PS 132, we understand the importance of giving back to our community,” Korotz concluded. “We embrace the opportunity to develop the gifts and talents of all of students by providing enrichment opportunities to interact with our community.”

Parents interested in visiting PS 132 to learn about its curriculum and programs can call its main office to learn about upcoming school tours or to arrange a meeting with its academic coaches. For further information about the school, visit:


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