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BY Megan Soyars

Age Range: 5-18
Dates: Summer Camp: July 8-August 2.
Cost: $525 per week. Sign up before June 1st and get discounted rate of $450
Phone: 646-221-8450
Address: 50-52 Dobbin Street

City Sculpting is a kid’s visual arts program where children work on sculpting, life casting, mosaics, and Papier-mâché. Children also explore other art forms, including drawing, painting, print making, weaving, jewelry and collage, creating a well-rounded artistic experience.

Summer Camp

Days at the summer camp run from 9am-3pm. Children start with morning announcements and a song, and then get started on their artistic activities. They break for snacks, lunch and outdoor play in a nearby park.

Summer Art instructors include: Vanessa Solomon, Elaine Carl, Katherine Valentine and Gemma Gibb.
“Our 2013 Summer Program will explore countless ways of making, building, and casting all sorts of sculptural creations,” Solomon said. “We will use life casting to inspire projects around the theme of self-portraits. We will make exotic clay creations inspired from African and Mexican masks. Children will learn to weave, bead and make endless crafty creations. Not to mention print making and water colors and basic life and fantasy drawing. Children build on projects one day at a time, expanding their technical skills and creative realms.” Older children are challenged with more advanced projects and techniques. “Many children come back for a second week and return with friends to our program every year,” she said.


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