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Awakening to Celebrate One Year with Holistic Fair

BY Jeff Mann

“My idea was to bring an extraordinary space into Greenpoint, not just another beauty salon or Yoga studio, but a combination of the many aspects of ourselves, with a holistic approach,” Mariola Zaremba told me last May as she stood on the cusp of opening her Manhattan Avenue wellness center, Awakening NY.

With its first anniversary creeping up on May 6th, Zaremba was struggling to come up with an event worthy of her 7,000 square foot facility. She wanted something different from last year’s opening ceremony and the series of open houses it hosted this year, and then it hit her. “What we want to do is eventually heal the world” she declared. “It’s not about competing with other businesses it’s about cooperating with them.” Her idea: bring practitioners from throughout the community to Awakening, even competitors, and help them promote their services. With that thought, the first annual Holistic Fair of Greenpoint/Williamsburg was born.

From 2PM – 6PM on Saturday, May 11th, a dozen wellness practitioners, with specialties from Ayurveda to Zumba will offer treatments to visitors. There will be 20 minute yoga, Pilates and dance classes, kinesiology sessions, samples of massages and live music from Awakening yoga instructor Steve Prestiani and his band. All the day’s offerings are free.

Zaremba sees the Holistic Fair as a way to reach out to the community at large, but also as a networking tool for wellness practitioners. “We can actually create a community,” she said. “After the event they can cooperate, like at the Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce (Awakening hosted the Chamber’s March mixer). You meet the right person and that’s where it starts. An event like this is created for like-minded people. Everyone is on the same page, so it’s much easier to communicate.”

The fair will also be a coming out party for Awakening’s newest in-house practitioner, the International College of Healing Arts, which will operate a branch at the center. Erin Davis, considered the most highly trained kinesiologist as well as the only certified Basic Kinesiology Practitioner in New York City, will lead the classes.

“The Holistic Fair is a great way for the people in the community, who don’t know who we are yet, to come check us out,” Zaremba said. “Maybe it will be the first step in changing their lives for the better. We’re all stressed, running around from work to home to our families, and we don’t pay attention to what our bodies and minds need. Something as simple as stopping by for a healthy juice or a yoga class can really make a difference.”

First Annual Holistic Fair of Greenpoint/Williamsburg
Saturday, May 11th – 2PM -6PM
Awakening NY
607 Manhattan Avenue
Click here for free registration.


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