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Henry Cross and Kana Hirano with check for PS 196 afterschool program

Coming to Greenpoint: Hosh Kids

BY Jeff Mann

Since beginning in McCarren Park in 2009, Hosh Yoga has operated under the premise that health and wellness are a right, not a privilege. By offering “Pay What You Wish” classes, Hosh encourages its students to practice as regularly as they like, without the worry of financial limitations. That model has proved successful for both students and school, as Hosh quickly moved from the park to the basement of Norman Avenue gym, Otom, and recently into its own space at 55 Nassau Avenue.

On January 28th, Hosh (or Xos – in Azerbaijan, the homeland of founder Hamid Elsevar, “xoş gälmişsiniz,” means “welcome”) will open its doors to Hosh Kids, an extension of the Hosh Yoga Youth Project they launched at PS 196 in 2011 under instructor Becca Broughton.

“It’s arts on a budget!” declared Program Director and Hosh Kids Co-Founder Henry Cross. “We are committed to providing the most accessible and affordable classes in health, wellness, and movement for children.”

Hosh Kids will offer a variety of fun classes designed to keep kids fit and active. Classes include dance, yoga, ballroom and community arts for children as young as toddlers. Like its parent, Cross explained, “it has to stay consistent with our mission of ‘health, wellness and movement as a right of life, rather than a luxury.’ I want to provide programming where the parents will be assured that their children are getting skill development in age appropriate sequencing without breaking the budget.”

Before Hosh, Cross, a competitive ballroom dancer and instructor and former public school teacher, was the head of staff development at Fit 4 Life KIDS, a New York City non-profit that partners with schools and other non-profits in underserved communities to establish youth fitness centers. He began teaching Yoga at Hosh in 2011, and with Elsevar’s encouragement took on the task of developing and expanding Hosh Kids. Currently, his main role is to train the instructors and to create a system that encompasses follow-up and oversight, as well as continuing education and development.

Hosh Kids will operate with a children first philosophy. Cross and his team are creating what he calls a “praise culture studio,” where they will help their students build confidence, self-esteem and the ability to express themselves using positive reinforcement.

So far, the buzz around Hosh Kids has been strong, with more than half the available spaces for the first classes sold. And earlier this week, Google Grants donated $120,000 in advertising to Hosh Yoga.

Hosh Kids
55 Nassau Avenue (Entrance on Guernsey Street)


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