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BY Emron Mervin, Senior WHSAD

On Monday, January 14th, students from the Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design (WHSAD) attended a performance of Mamma Mia! Each of the 40 students selected achieved an academic milestone over the course of the term. So far this year, with the support of Early Stages, 140 WHSAD students have attended Broadway performances of Peter and the Starcatcher, Wicked, and Mamma Mia!

Being a native New Yorker, I am still amazed by the shiny lights of Broadway. This musical and all the other shows we have attended allow me and my fellow students to appreciate another aspect of the New York experience. I have to admit that before this I wasn’t really aware of the existence of Broadway plays, but now my ideas on Broadway have changed. I used to go to Times Square for a movie, but never gave theatre a second thought.

Now I can’t wait to get out and watch another play or musical. You get something from theatre that you can’t get from film. You can see and feel the passion of the actors, dancers, and orchestra at each performance. Every night these stage actors put on a show for an audience and they give it their all.

This was so with Mamma Mia! It was a great show where the actors and dancers kept the attention of the audience for every moment. It was an escape from the realities of the real world. It was great to stop thinking about the college applications and final exams for a few hours, and fall into the great performance on stage. It took music from the 70s and 80s and made it understandable for those of us born in the mid-1990s. My classmates and I were humming ABBA tunes and we really got into the story put together by the writers.


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