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Jeff Mann
The World Famous Bob calling the pie eating contest

A Greenpoint Tail of Sandy Relief

BY Jeff Mann

Greenpoint’s massive relief effort following Hurricane Sandy has been well documented, so it was no surprise to see the neighborhood’s dogs getting in on the act.

Forced to cancel its original date of October 28th, Driggs Avenue pet boutique District Dog held its annual Halloween Parade on Sunday, November 11th, with costumed dogs and their people gathering to benefit Sandy’s victims, both human and canine. By the end of the day, half a U-Haul truck with comforters, blankets and canned food was sent to Occupy Sandy, to distribute in the Rockaways.

And while the cause was serious, the day wasn’t, with self-described “female-female impersonator” emcee, The World Famous Bob, introducing best costume contestants and calling the play-by-play on a pie eating contest. “I had a lot of fun, and I hope others did too,” said District Dog co-owner Bea Maher. “It was nice to see people of all ages get together to help the community. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Helping to make the benefit a success were Friends of McGolrick Park, trainers Empire of the Dog, canine couture company Dapper Dog Co., Unleash Brooklyn and Driggs Avenue newcomers Pie Corps, who helped raise funds for the cause and made the contest the messiest and tastiest of its kind. Pie Corps co-owner Cheryl Perry said she was glad to team up with her neighbor, “especially because they’re raising money for dogs. I think that’s amazing.”

Both District Dog and Pie Corps plan to continue their relief efforts. Pie Corps will donate 40 gallons of kale, bacon and potato soup to a crew of volunteers in the Rockaways. District Dog has raised more than $20,000 to buy food and supplies for Adopt NY, a joint venture between their rescue, Dog Habitat, and animal rescue organization Project Pet. Over 45 New York State rescue groups have benefitted, with many currently using the supplies to repair their Sandy-damaged facilities.

“I am happy to see that all of us can come together to help those in need, both human and animal,” said Assemblyman Joe Lentol, who also teamed up with District Dog for the parade and benefit. “Gathering for an event like this helps us focus on good endeavors to help individuals in our City overcome severe hardship.”

As for the contests, it was a clean sweep for the Stephens family with pooch, Warsaw, winning best costume and his person, Austin, dressed as Breaking Bad’s Walter White, taking the pie eating competition.


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  • stanchaz:

    One under-reported aspect of Sandy’s record-breaking tidal surge is where it occurred in designated superfund sites in Brooklyn, such as the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek (Greenpoint); flooding both residential and industrial areas with putrid and possibly toxic water.
    In Gowanus the EPA took water samples, and is holding meeting for residents (arranged by local elected officials) so that “residents will hear what EPA’s test results found and learn how to keep safe from potential contaminants in water overflows from the storm.”
    However…as far as I know, NOTHING of the sort is being done for Greenpoint , and adjacent areas flooded by Newtown Creek.
    Where are OUR elected officials? I’m talking to YOU Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Assemblyman Joe Lentol, State Senator Martin Dilan, and Councilman Stephan Levin.
    Don’t We count?

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