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Jose Otto Campos
Cheryl Perry and Felipa Lopez

Welcome to the Neighborhood Pie Corps

BY Jose Otto Campos

Greenpoint has become sweeter and more savory with the recent grand opening of Pie Corps, which is fast winning the hearts and taste buds of local sweet teeth with a combination of pies, soups and coffee.

The popular homemade pies are not new to New Yorkers, who have been able to get their hands on owners Cheryl Perry’s and partner Felipa Lopez’ artisan pastry dishes for over a year at the New Amsterdam Market at the South Street Seaport where Pie Corps got its early notoriety. “I think for us, that’s the venue that started our business,” said Lopez. “We literally had no crumbs left. We sold everything before the end of the day”.

Pie Corps is now calling Greenpoint the official home of these tasty confections. Thanks to hungry travelers to McGolrick Park, Lopez and Perry called their first day of business, on October 17 at 77 Driggs Avenue, exciting and successful. “Greenpoint has been so nice to us. People have come in and welcomed us to the neighborhood,” said Lopez.

Since the opening, residents have been lining up for the popular Chicken Pot Pie and the Moroccan Beef with chick pea & almond. Other savory options include a breakfast pie that combines scrambled eggs, cream, cheese and fresh herbs. “I just had the Moroccan Beef pie and it was amazing,” said Jessica, a walk-in customer. Jessica’s friend, Eliza, who had the Chicken Pot pie, was similarly impressed. Vegetarians can relish items like the delicious Curry Potato Pea pie.

Pie Corps uses fresh, local ingredients, like produce, poultry, beef and eggs from New York state farmers. Even their coffee comes from a Brooklyn-based company. “We work with a lot of farmers that deal with organic fruits and vegetables. Also, the meats and poultry are free-range,” said Lopez. Another way Pie Corps stays fresh is by making seasonal dishes like the Pumpkin Bourbon pie.

Perry, born in Williamsburg, has worked over twenty years in the restaurant business as a chef, consultant and culinary instructor. She likes that the space in the kitchen is wide open for the public to see. “Yep,” said Perry, “we have nothing to hide.” She wants customers to feel comfortable, and “the product to be neighborhood friendly.

But don’t expect staid tradition at Pie Corps. Patrons are welcome to try more adventurous treats like the sugarholic favorite Apple Butterscotch with Pecan Strudel and their savory Red Wine Mushroom Pie with Sour Cream & Dill.. “This is not grandma’s Pie,” said Perry. “But because you can look in the kitchen and see the food being prepared while smelling the aroma it has a family feel” she said.

Pie Corps
77 Driggs Avenue
Mon-Fri 7:30AM – 8PM
Saturday 9AM – 6PM
Sunday 9AM – 5PM
(917) 721-3052

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