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Megan Soyars

Go to The West, Young Man

BY Megan Soyars

On Saturday, September 29th, Williamsburg espresso bar The West will host its second anniversary celebration at a party featuring complimentary food, drinks, and entertainment for all, from 8pm-12am.

“Everything’s free!” exclaimed The West’s owner, Esther Bell, “All the food and drinks we’re offering are from local companies. We’ll also be serving locally-made baked goods and coffee from Brooklyn Roasters.”

To celebrate their new liquor license, The West will serve beer, wine and cocktails along with the espresso. “We were so glad to finally get our license,” said Bell. “At first, we were just known at the ‘West Cafe,’ but we changed our name to just ‘The West’ because now we offer a lot more.” The West has also undergone renovation to expand their bar and provide additional seating. (Don’t worry; they still have their walk-up coffee window!)

In addition to live music, Bell said the event will honor Mae West, for whom the establishment is named. The iconic Hollywood actress, writer and producer was born and raised in North Brooklyn, not far from where The West is located.

“We’re going to have a multiple choice competition [at the event] called the Mae West Quiz, where people can answer questions about her and win prizes like home-made drink cozies,” Bell said. She explained that the competition is a great way for people to learn about the hometown legend. “We’ll also be giving out specialty drinks that are named after some Mae West movies. We just want people to realize what an important personality she was.”

Bell, a film director, has infused The West with a creative, collaborative feel. “We have a lot of people from the film industry come in here to work on their screen plays and talk about ideas. It’s like having a mini-production company here, with everybody hopped on caffeine and alcohol!”

Additionally, Bell wants to create a laid-back atmosphere at her establishment. While many laptop-toting customers might walk in to grab a beer or coffee, The West also offers a food menu, with pastries and sandwiches. “I really wanted this to be more of a hang out place than a bar bar,” Bell said. “So people can come in here to work, or to hang out or talk politics.”

A variety of events are held at The West throughout the year, including poetry readings, art exhibits, book launches, live music, comedy shows, and even yoga workshops. And of course, they host annual anniversary celebrations, like the one occurring this Saturday.

“The celebration is a way for us to give back to our customers, who’ve been good to us, and a chance for them to taste our new cocktails,” said Bell of the event. “We’re constantly changing and working to become better for our demographic! This place is as much our customers’ as it is ours.”

Those interested in learning more can visit the West’s website,, or their facebook page.

The West
379 Union Avenue
Open Everyday 7am-2am


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