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Read Across America Day at PS 132

PS 132 The Conselyea School


Address: 320 Manhattan Avenue

PS 132 currently offers Spanish, the TADA! art residency, technology, physical education, dance, a “Bent on Yoga” program, and Character Education. During Character Education, children learn important life skills such as trustworthiness. The school also boasts a strong music program for all grades, including a keyboard class available to lower grades. “Currently, PS 132’s most popular program is band,” according to Principal Beth Lubeck. Thanks to the enthusiastic music teacher, David Seidner, 132 is one of the few elementary schools to boast a junior and senior full-ensemble instrumental band. In addition, teachers teach literature and math within a real world context. As they state on their website, “We believe learning is both meaningful and enjoyable when it is applied to the world in which we live.”

132 is well known for several annual community events. Its Fall Harvest Festival features a corn maze, pumpkin patch and other Halloween-related festivities. Kids dress in costumes and parents enjoy the “spooky” decorations. Their Spring Gala is a party for the parents that raises funds for the school’s enrichment programs. Another signature event is the school’s annual Kite Festival, which just celebrated its eighth year. On Valentine’s Day, teachers and students marked the 100th day of school by donning crazy hats decorated with 100 items as they marched through the neighborhood. 132 also hosts a spectacular Read Across America Day complete with “celebrity” readers and a visit from the Cat in the Hat.

“At PS 132 we strive to make learning come to life by infusing the core curriculum with enrichment activities that make the students’ educational experience both memorable and fun,” said Lubeck. “Families that choose 132 are those that understand the importance of a well-rounded education. [It] becomes a home away from home for our students and their families. Many opportunities are provided for the 132 community to come together to celebrate learning, diversity and life in Williamsburg.” The Conselyea School tailors its teaching methods to each child’s skill level. According to their website, they employ “curriculum compacting,” in which “a teacher assesses each students’ skills or knowledge about content prior to instruction.”


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