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The Hipster Godfather and his Shameless Debut Memoir

BY Kylie Jane Wakefield

To say that Gavin McInnes has had a wild life is an understatement. The proclaimed Godfather of Hipsterdom’s personal history looks like a mix between that of a rockstar, a daredevil, and a perpetual class clown. In his debut memoir “How to Piss in Public,” he details the dirty, the scary, and the just plain psychotic stories that have made his life, thus far, so wonderfully interesting.

McInnes is best known for his role as co-founder of Vice, a publication established in 1994, that devotes itself to all things hipster. But, he’s got more under his belt than a publishing position: he’s led a punk lifestyle that involved theatrical musical performances, squatting in abandoned houses, planting trees in no man’s land, Canada, dropping acid to avoid suburban monotony, and even gonorrhea. “The book is just balls out true but [full of] unbelievable stories that are shameless,” he said. “It’s a shameless, fearless, assh-le way to live. The beauty of a book like this is that when it’s all true, there is nothing to regret. I did my very best.”

“How to Piss in Public” documents the ups and downs of McInnes’ life, including his favorite coming of age tales like landing in jail, getting his parents stoned, and dealing with the loss of friends. “It’s hilarious,” he said. “You don’t often get someone with life experiences like mine who can spell.”

These days, 41-year-old McInnes has calmed down (a bit), focusing on being creative director at Rooster NY, an advertising firm, and raising his two kids. Since splitting from Vice, he’s developed Street Boners, a company dedicated to posting photos of eye candy. He’s based in Williamsburg, as is his Street Boners team of photographers who stroll up and down Bedford Avenue, taking pictures of attractive women.

To promote the book, McInnes has been touring the Northeast. His grand finale homecoming show will take place at Nitehawk Cinema on Thursday, March 22nd. Along the way, he’s been shooting “every f-cking second” of his journey, which he plans to make into a film.

McInnes had no plans to write a memoir; He was persuaded by the agent of “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” author Tucker Max to tell the world his story. Above all, he wants readers to be entertained. “There is no agenda here,” he said. “There are no politics. It’s just the past. I think that when a lot of people write memoirs, they want to dazzle you with their knowledge. I’m 41. No one wants to read a biography by me and hear me preach about life. It’s really just ‘Animal House’s’ greatest hits.”


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  • HipsterApproved:

    Sounds like an awesome book.
    I love Vice. I also really enjoy Street Boners.
    You should read “Vice Dos and Don’ts: 10 Years of VICE Magazine’s Street Fashion Critiques” if you haven’t already.

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