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Spirit and Soul Resonate from Malado Baldwin’s Paintings

BY Kylie Jane Wakefield

You can get lost in a Malado Baldwin painting. Her entrancing pieces burst with color and capture you with their psychedelic patterns. The artist, who has been living and painting in North Brooklyn for 15 years, weaves her spirit into her work, trying to make the world a more peaceful place, one painting at a time.

Baldwin, who shows locally at Sideshow Gallery and Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, and participates in the Greenpoint and Northside Open Studios, said here pieces help bring tranquility to viewers. “My paintings are deliberately spiritually focused. I feel that we should be responsible for the images we create and things we put out into the world. I don’t want to make paintings of bloody corpses,” Baldwin said. “I want to make paintings that speak to people on a deeper level and resonate with people. I want them to resonate good energy in peoples’ homes.”

Erin Haldrup

The artist’s pieces vary in size, from as small as a postcard to as wide as eight feet. When she started her career 20 years ago, Baldwin stuck to paintings. She now incorporates fabric into her work making it literally rise off the canvas and the wall.

Her art has been showcased in Sweden and Paris, and accepted into the Gawker Artists collective, which helps with promotion. Next month, she’s holding a solo show at Gawker’s offices, where 15 of her paintings will be displayed.

“My paintings tend to be memories in combination with dreams,” she said. “They’re becoming more complex. When you stand in a room of my work, you definitely feel it.”

Baldwin, whose art emphasizes spirituality and emotions, is currently writing a business plan for a new endeavor. She hopes to begin working as a spiritual guide, assisting people one-on-one with their dilemmas. “I do a combination of energy work and a little Feng Shui,” she said. “I’m that person that will sit and talk with someone and help them sort through things and bring them a lot of positive energy.”

Christina Kee, who studied with Baldwin at the New York Studio School, praised the artist for her imagery and intuition. “The nature of image-making is easier said than done,” she said. “It requires a lot of belief and faith in the activity and that’s something Malado does well. She is guided by her work. She doesn’t approach her work with an agenda.”

Throughout her career, Baldwin has taken on several jobs to support her true passion. She was a set designer for eight years and currently works part-time in publishing. She aspires to live off her art, tour the world, participate in the realm of public art, collaborate with fellow artists, and help people with their questions about spirituality.

To Baldwin, art isn’t just a livelihood or a hobby. “I want to always have the capacity and the resources to make and show work,” she said. “There is no such thing as retiring from being a painter. If you do it, it’s for life.”


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