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Courtesy: 13 Thames

A Creative Outlet at 13 Thames

BY Kylie Jane Wakefield

The Morgan stop on the L line is housing more and more young, innovative, and do-it-yourself artists. Forty of these creative professionals work out of 13 Thames, a multi-dimensional space that is a thriving hub for local musicians and visual artists.

In no way, shape, or form is 13 Thames just a professional space or music studio, however. Six albums have been recorded at the location, which bands also use as a rehearsal space and for live shows. Gallery events, movie screenings, birthday parties, music video shoots, and open mics are held there as well.

Courtesy: 13 Thames

Shaw Walters of the band Starlight Girls helps out with the management of 13 Thames. He said having the space in “Bushwick is amazing. We’re 25 minutes away from Union Square, we can make loud music until reasonably late, we have a beautiful view from the roof, we live in a relatively safe and developing neighborhood and our rent is ridiculously cheap for the amount of space we have to work and play in. The community around here is heavily slanted towards younger folks in arts and entertainment industries and you could basically throw a rock in any direction and seriously injure a pretty talented musician, artist or craftsman.”

Five artists inhabit the building’s loft rooms, and, according to Walters, the group may do away with some of the living space in favor of a large room for performances. Currently, they’re associated with many other acts including Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, Bermuda Bonnie, Slam Donahue, Boy Girl Party, Eskimeaux, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Emily Reo. They also collaborate with artistic and performance organizations such as Fresh Ground Pepper, Magic Futurebox, The ‘What is?’ Project, The FMLY, Cantora Records and Edible Onion Records.

Courtesy: 13 Thames

13 Thames offers creative services to the community including website design, portrait photography, Final Cut Pro and CS5 lessons, grant writing, and video editing. For $20 per hour, bands are given the opportunity to practice, album recording is $60 per hour, and the Mac-Pro work station is available for $15 an hour.

Along with similar spaces such as 3rd Ward, Shae Stadium, and Silent Barn, 13 Thames is advancing North Brooklyn’s artistic community. “[13 Thames] is the natural byproduct of creative people living in a large space,” said Walters. “The point is to make and share art.”


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  • Coffin Factory:

    Sorry, these trustafarians can NOT “make loud music until reasonably late”. That and their lack of talent is the reason all the RESIDENTS of this building (zoned by the city as residential)hate all the spoiled brats who traipse through this. By keeping this on your site you are contributing to an illegal venue.

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