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Local Designer Spotlight: Selina Briggs: The Jelly Empire

BY The Dress Recycler

At the MOCCA Festival this past weekend, cartoonists and illustrators from all over the world came to the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art to showcase their art, comic books and merchandise in New York City. Thousands of comic book enthusiasts, fantasy cartoon collectors and art students attended the show featuring over 500 exhibitors from Denmark to Canada. The monstrous turnout this weekend confirmed the industry’s prominence in the art world.

While navigating the sea of cartoons at the festival we came across a prominent Williamsburg resident who came to the US via the United Kingdom. Selina Briggs is the creator of The Jelly Empire which features Jelly the Robot in all his robot adventures. With talent in both hand and computer sketching, Briggs has been drawing circles around others in her craft for the past 2 years. She graduated with a BA in Design and Visual Arts in Contemporary Textiles and Surface Design from Stockport College in Stockport, United Kingdom. Her detailed designs create a whimsical, out of this world experience for all who fall in love with Jelly the Robot.

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When she decided to hang her hat in Williamsburg 5 years ago, her art was nothing more than a hobby. However, since Jelly was first created as Selina’s alter ego, The Jelly Empire has expanded into a variety of gifts and merchandise including prints, t-shirts, totes, greeting cards, resin toys and much more. She proudly turns custom orders around in less than a week.

Jelly has been featured in a number of toy and cartoon blogs including theblotsays, argonautsresin and tomopop, and is getting more recognition in the comic and resin toy world each day. In developing Jelly, she partnered with Eric Nocella Diaz on bringing Jelly to life through resin toys. He has been sculpting toy prototypes, maquettes and statues professionally for over 15 years, working with major toy companies such as ToyBiz, Marvel, Mcfarlane Toys, Toys ‘R’ Us, Hasbro and Kidrobot. When not creating his resin masterpieces at his Argonaut Resins company, he is also a co-publisher, art director and editor of independent comic books through Xmoor Studios.

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In the future for Selina will be the creation of Jelly’s first children’s book, a dream of hers that will soon become a reality. Jelly’s next in-person event will be at Toy Street trade show, fair and exhibition on April 22nd.

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