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Austin Hartman

Booze Review: Bulleit 95 Rye

BY Austin Hartman

In the past decade, Bulleit bourbon has become a gold-standard for whiskey enthusiasts, cocktail crafters and more, due to its delicious taste, unique bottling, versatility in cocktails and the company’s friendly business ethics towards the whiskey community and its consumers. Since their bourbon contains a high rye content (approximately 28%), it seemed logical for distillers to extend their product line to include a new small batch rye whiskey – the Bulleit 95 Rye. This delicious rye is distilled from 95% rye mash and 5% malted barley and is bottled at 90 proof (45% ABV).

With a similar design to its bourbon brother, the Bulleit Rye’s wide-bodied bottle is designed to stand out at any bar. The only difference between the bourbon and rye bottles is the label – the rye is adorned with a green label that wraps around the lower third of the bottle while the bourbon label is orange.

Once you’ve cracked the seal and removed the cork top, this is a whiskey that is worth a neat tasting! This aromatic rye delivers a smooth spicy scent reminiscent of allspice, which opens further upon taste, as the extremely palatable body smoothly enters into the mouth, with sweetened hints of maple. The finish of the rye remains rather sweet, without the strong back of the throat burn that is commonly attributed to rye, but it does have an airy flare on its way down the hatch that opens you up.

After tasting it on its own, I tested it as an ingredient in several cocktails, new and classic. I found it be extremely versatile and adaptable in taste, while at the same time, adding a slightly sweetened hint to body of the drinks – an attribute it shares with the profile of the Bulleit bourbon.

Bulleit Rye currently has limited availability in Brooklyn. It can be found in a select number of bars including No Name Bar in Greenpoint, 597 Manhattan Avenue , but will be widely available in bars and liquor stores in the weeks to come, a suggested retail price of $27.99 for a 750ml bottle,
Like the friendly and charismatic family that runs Bulleit, their 95 Rye is a beautiful and delicious addition to a growing line of whiskeys known for unique tastes and traditional standards.


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