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Working Together at Greenpoint Coworking

BY Juliet Linderman

Working for oneself is an entrepreneurial dream. When you’re your own boss, you call all the shots. No superiors telling you what to do. No office politics or uncomfortable conversations with disingenuous coworkers. No suits, ties or high-heels. Sounds great, right? There is, however, one drawback: when you work on your own, you spend most of your time alone. That’s where Greenpoint Coworking comes in.

Founded by Greenpoint resident Sara Bacon, who runs her own design and consulting firm, Greenpoint Coworking is a workspace designed to accommodate freelancers and entrepreneurs who are looking for a clean, productive place to work on their own projects, and to connect with others in related fields.

“I love working for myself, but I really started feeling the effects of the isolation,” Bacon said. “There are so many talented people sitting alone in their apartments and home offices, and there’s no sense of community. This space is about community, collaboration and sharing, and it’s starting to hit Brooklyn in so many ways.”

Greenpoint Coworking is located on North Henry Street, smack-dab between post-industrial Greenpoint and the residential streets that flank McGolrick Park. The space, which was expertly designed by Pete Oyler and Nora Mattingly, is clean, modern and elegant; quiet enough to be conducive to work, but casual enough to support and encourage productive conversation.

Though the idea for such a space has been bubbling about in Bacon’s brain for two years, the opening of Greenpoint Coworking was a whirlwind: From concept to launch, it took one month, and in the two weeks it has been open to the public, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Our economy is at a place right now where change can happen, and people are getting creative about their industries,” Bacon said. “The notion of work in this climate is being redefined, and after six years of working by myself, I wanted to create something for professionals who need a professional work environment, but want more intimacy.”

There are three different ways to be involved in Greenpoint Coworking. Those interested in participating on a day-by-day basis may drop in, and pay $25; one can become a “community member,” and have access to member perks such as discounts for design and consulting services, social media packages and more for $50/month with an additional $10/day; or a “dedicated community member” for $350, which affords your very own desk, reserved just for you.

“This is a place for people who know what they need from it,” Bacon explained. “But at the same time, we want to allow the members to determine the shape of this space going forward.”

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