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Freshly Baked: Brooklyn Bread Press

BY Juliet Linderman

When it comes to food, no place on earth beats New York City and of the five boroughs, Brooklyn’s burgeoning foodie scene is garnering attention from gastronomes far and wide. That’s why Danielle Swift and Jack Wright decided to launch their brand new weekly newspaper dedicated to culinary culture, Brooklyn Bread Press, in the county of Kings.

Brooklyn Bread Press is a new weekly print newspaper distributed throughout Brooklyn focusing primarily on the borough’s food community: chefs, cooks, bakers, restaurateurs, proprietors, all with an emphasis on the local and hyper-local.

“We both are inspired by how the Brooklyn food community has developed and wanted to create a publication that helped support local farmers, chefs, vendors, artisans AND the folks who support these efforts and products by shopping local,” Swift said. Together, she and Wright are the co-editors and co-publishers of Brooklyn Bread Press, which released its first issue in early November.

Brooklyn Bread Press is the first newspaper of its kind, and the decision to introduce the new publication in print instead of online, amidst the glut of food-related blogs and websites that populate cyberspace, is absolutely intentional. For more than 20 years, Wright served as an editor for various newspapers and magazines in London and New York before starting his own publishing company. He recently teamed up with Swift, a native Brooklynite who comes from a long line of bakers and garment makers and whose professional background includes post-production, editorial and advertising for commercial clients, to create Brooklyn Bread Press. In fact, even the material on which the newspapers are printed seem to reflect and represent its overall mission: The paper is recycled, and the ink is made from soy.

“Having spent the past 10 years in new media and digital post production I felt nostalgic for good old fashioned newsprint,” Swift said. “Many of our customers and potential customers pay attention to hand-crafted details, to the overall aesthetic and it is, in many cases, an homage to the past which is neither faddy nor kitsch, but is more of a recognition of old-style skills and traditions.”

The content of Brooklyn Bread Press is as diverse and vibrant as the community it serves, including delectable recipes, feature stories about everything from local farming to pig butchering to local bartenders, and a roster of all the most cutting-edge food-related happenings throughout the borough. The columns, articles and features are written by prominent members of the Brooklyn food circuit—including big-name gourmands like Cathy Erway and Greenpoint’s own Annie Novak of the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm—making Brooklyn Bread Press a truly community-based publication. The index even includes a weather forecast for the week.

“The amazingly diverse, top-quality, often hand-crafted and locally sourced food network,” Swift said, of working within the Brooklyn food community. “We want to share in the joy.”

Brooklyn Bread Press is delivered fresh every Thursday to select food and wine shops throughout Brooklyn. Complete issues can also be accessed online at


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    Danielle Swift. Is a creative genious!

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