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Fred Schwally Honored at the American Legion

BY Patricia Drohan

The American Legion at 519 Leonard Street in Greenpoint honored one of its own on Sunday, October 3.The event was the ‘Catholic War Veterans (CWV) 2010 Homecoming for National Commander Fred P. Schwally. Schwally was re-elected in August for a second term as National Commander CWV. Schwally was born and raised on Norman Avenue in Greenpoint, and is the son of World War II veteran, the late Fred J.Schwally. Schwally Jr. proudly served in Vietnam in 1967-1968. He joined the St.Elias Post #1618 in 1968. After 40 years of dedicated service at the St. Elias Post #1618, he was elected National Commander CWV in August 2009.

Attending the event were many of the St.Elias Post #1618 veterans as well as veterans from various State and National Departments of the CWV.

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