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Another Fashion Crisis Solved!

BY Dress Recycler

For those in dire need of a fashion ‘uplift’, “Never fear, The Dress Recycler is here!”

This bargain fashion Superhero has vintage and thrift shopping powers that will help you learn to sniff out bargains, teach you styling tips and tricks while educating you on garment construction; all for your fight against the crime of paying retail prices for clothing and accessories. Read on for the fashion crisis just solved recently for a woman from Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The Dress Recycler in action, on the streets of Williamsburg listening to the “Fashion Crisis” hotline…

Meet Regina from Greenpoint. She’s got a wedding to attend this weekend with nothing to wear and a miniscule budget. With only a couple of days before the event, she realized that this might be a little more challenging than she thought.

This fashionista damsel in distress is classified as a true fashion crisis. Her despair alone was more than any superhero could bear! Then the call was received on the Fashion Crisis Hotline from Regina…”Help Me Dress Recycler!”

“Put down those over priced dresses!” “It is I, The Dress Recycler here to save the day!” “I will help you find a dress, shoes and a bag for your event without paying full retail prices.”

“Let me show you how!”

Regina soon revealed her budget only consisted of $100.00. We started searching for dresses in her price range with no problems at all staying under $100.00.

This 1950’s shimmer green taffeta strapless dress is a true gem. It proved to be very sophisticated with a classic 1950’s Hollywood vibe.

A perfect fit, but wait! If the wedding you are attending is a daytime wedding, then this particular dress is probably a little to formal for daytime.
Know the code! Make sure you know the appropriate dress code for the time and place of your event. After 5:00 pm-formal. Before 5:00 pm-semi-formal.

Print control! Be wary of big, overstated prints. This large abstract print dress may look good on the hanger, but is too overpowering for anyone less than 5’2. Since Regina is 5’ tall, this dress probably will drag her down instead of making her look long and lean.

Some additional bargain, vintage and thrift shopping pointers:

•Check for damages! When shopping vintage or second hand, always look twice for damages. Rips, tears and stains can hide at seams, hems, or armholes. Always check to make sure the zipper works and that there are no missing buttons.

•Check the soles! When buying vintage and second hand shoes, always check the soles. Soles in good condition mean there has been minor or no wear, therefore will last longer.

•Check the inside! When buying vintage and second hand purses, look over carefully for damages. Always check the inside and make sure all closures function well.

•Wash at home! Make sure to clean all items thoroughly. Wash at home with a mild detergent and hang to dry. Most vintage clothing and fabrics are very delicate and need gentle care. It will save on dry cleaning bills and will ensure a longer life for your vintage find.

Each one of these dresses fit well into our $100.00 frugal budget. They looked stunning on, had no damages and all zippers were intact and working fine. However, they still weren’t exactly what Regina was looking for.

Until we found this beautiful three tiered floral print georgette dress with spaghetti straps. This dress came in 1st place at the frugal fashion finish line!

-A perfect fit
-Flattering to her body shape
-Very versatile; can be worn for day or night
-Can be worn 3 out of 4 seasons
-Washable at home-no need to dry clean
-Only $55.00!

With fabulous platform shoes ($25.00) and a beaded clutch ($18.00) both in good condition, another fashion crisis was solved. Total bill: $98.00!

Excellent Vintage Shopping in Williamsburg & Greenpoint, Brooklyn:
Amarcord Vintage (store):
223 Bedford Avenue

Amarcord Vintage (showroom & archive)
242 Wythe Avenue #9
(at North 3rd Street)

120 Havemeyer Street
(between 1st St. & Grand St.)

Malin Landaeus
157 North 6th Street
(between Berry St. and Bedford Ave.)
(646) 361-0261

Fox & Fawn
570 Manhattan Ave
(between Driggs Ave. & Nassau Ave.)

To thrift, bargain and come out ahead fashionable and frugal, an open mind is key. With The Dress Recycler, anything fashionable is possible! For more fashion education, vintage and thrift shopping tips, and styling tricks, please visit

Special thanks to Amarcord Vintage Fashion with three fabulous locations and archive in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

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