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Local Designer Spotlight: Eliza Starbuck

BY The Dress Recycler

Bright Young Things

There’s a superstar living right in our neighborhood, Greenpointers! Fashion designer and founder of the “Bright Young Things” clothing line Eliza Starbuck has blossomed right here in our ‘hood and we couldn’t be more proud. Eliza has created a dress that is considered a ‘canvas’ to style any way you’re your little heart desires. This LBD (little black dress) has found its way around the world thanks to the partnership of herself and Sheena, founder of the charity The Uniform Project (, raising money for the Akanksha Foundation which funds uniforms and other school expenses for children in the slums of India.

You never know who you’re gonna meet!

It all started one gloomy day on the subway……..Eliza eyeballs Sheena from across the subway car and thinks to herself, “Wow, this chic is super hip …. I think she would be a great subject for my fashion blog.” Eliza then approaches Sheena and says, “Hey there, love your funky, fabulous look. How about letting me do a story about your take on fashion and style for my blog?” With a skeptic eye Sheena agreed and accepted Eliza’s contact information. A few weeks later, the Uniform Project was born. Sheena revealed her dream of the Uniform Project: To wear the same dress every day for 365 days straight to raise money for children in India to go to school. The only problem with the idea was that Sheena didn’t know which dress from her closet would qualify. Eliza, (Dr. Dress as we now call her), knew just what to do. In a few months, the invention of the Bright Young Things LBD became a reality. The dress was a black, cotton, scoop neck, short sleeve hot little number with buttons all the way down the front. With Sheena’s limitless imagination, she styled her way through each season, blogging and getting press for both her and Eliza from around the world. Each day she documented her outfit with the Bright Young Things LBD as the core piece. 365 days, same dress, different accessories, completely different looks. So Fabulous!


Okay seriously, the BYT Little Black Dress that Sheena wore and styled for a year raised over $100,000 that she donated to her perspective charity in India. Since then, Eliza has made the LBD available to the public online from sizes XXS to XL. Get this: it sold out……in less than a week. Seriously. (Sigh) No need to fret fashionistas! Eliza has now created a Premier Edition of the LBD for $185.00, that isn’t sold out and ready for your purchasing pleasure. All dresses are made to order, which cuts down on waste and overstocking. It’s fashion with a flair for reinventing itself as many times as your brain can recreate it.

Fashion leader, not fashion follower.

A relatively new concept has arisen from Eliza-challenge yourself to be creative with your wardrobe by purchasing pieces that can be styled in an infinite amount of ways. Rediscover what’s already in your closet! Express your individuality and creativity by using a BYT piece as your canvas. Mix with your existing clothes to create YOUR OWN trend, instead of following another trend you saw worn by someone else. “I encourage consumers to get more use out of what they own already… It’s important when developing my line that I create basic clothing that’s versatile and flexible.” Her message clearly encourages women to develop what works best for their body shape, style and image. All of the pieces that Eliza designs are made locally in NYC and all fabrics are bought from the local NY market. All fabrics are purchased with intentions of being worn both in summer and winter. Only seasonless, trendless and classic fabrics are used in the continuous development of Bright Young Things. The future of BYT looks shiny and polished for Eliza, as she is in the process of creating more core items that are reversible and interchangeable; that can be worn from front to back and that are equally as flexible as the LBD. We can’t wait to see what she thinks of next!

For more information about Eliza and the Bright Young Things clothing line, please visit

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