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All in the Family: Julia James

BY Juliet Linderman

If you ask any Greenpoint resident how they feel about the Garden Spot, chances are he or she will say this neighborhood is particularly neighborhood-y. Maybe it’s because of our distinct lack of public transit that Greenpointers tend to spend most of their time in North Brooklyn, patronizing the local shops, eating at local restaurants and planning and attending events in and around the nabe. But Greenpoint is a true neighborhood—a community in the purest sense—which is what attracted Julia Young, owner of the nabe’s newest clothing boutique Julia James, to Franklin Street. A self-described family girl—after all, Julia James is the combination of her brother’s name and her own—Young, a Williamsburg resident, feels right at home a little further north.

“I love the neighborhood feel here,” Young said, leaning casually against her desk. Julia James, located at 200 Franklin Street, celebrated its grand opening on Saturday afternoon. “I love the vibe in Greenpoint. It feels like a little town in the middle of New York City.”

Educated and trained as a marine biologist, Young has always had a knack, and a love, for fashion, and recently decided to pursue her dream and open her own shop, which features an array of dresses and blouses, accessories and jewelry, on one of the busiest blocks in Brooklyn—Franklin Street.

After graduating college, Young traveled through Australia, scuba diving and studying ocean sciences on her own time. She then moved to Hawaii to pursue a science-related graduate degree before deciding on a different career path.

“I’ve always, always loved fashion,” Young said. “And one day, I had a revelation: with marine biology, I wasn’t doing the right thing. So I up and moved to New York City.”

Within weeks of moving to the big city Young had landed a job working at Steve Madden before scoring a position at Diesel. Ultimately though, Young knew she wanted to open her own shop some day.

“I missed being in a store—I missed doing the buying, helping people shop, decorating the space. So, here I am.”

Julia James is joining the ranks of several popular clothing boutiques that line the Franklin Street thoroughfare such as Dalaga, Alter and the recently opened vintage shop Petit Boudoir, but she isn’t intimated; Young believes, the more the merrier.

“I’ve been coming up to Franklin Street to shop for a long time,” she said. “I want my store to be inviting and unintimidating—I have things I would wear, and things my mom would wear. I want to appeal to every girl. And everyone has been so nice—the shop owners have stopped by to introduce themselves. I feel, the more the merrier, and Franklin Street will become a real shopping destination.”

Julia James is located at 200 Franklin Street, and is open Tuesday-Sunday.

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