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Police Blotters (March 29-April 4)

BY Juliet

90th Precinct

Debevoise Street
The victim works as a counselor for drug dependence. During one of her shifts, one of her clients became irate and threw a chair at her.

Humboldt and Grand Street
Victim was walking home when he was approached by a perp who punched him in the face, causing swelling, bruising and bleeding. The perp then stole personal property from the victim and fled on foot.

Victim was checking on his car when two unknown black males approached him from behind and pulled out a black firearm and demanded the victim’s money. The victim complied and observed the second perp strike his son in the face with the firearm. The perps then fled towards the Borinquen Houses. No arrests have been made.

Humboldt Street
An unknown perp struck the victim with the butt of a black firearm in the face, causing redness to one eye. The perp then stole the victim’s personal property and fled. No arrests have been made.

Bushwick Avenue and Montrose
While sitting on the L-train the defendant approached the victim from the side as the doors opened. The defendant forcibly stole the victim’s cell phone from her hand and fled on foot. A canvass was conducted with positive results and the perp was apprehended on the scene.

Manhattan Avenue and Boerum Street
Victim was walking home when the perp pressed what appeared to be a firearm against the victim’s head. The victim screamed for help and the perp fled on foot. The perp was apprehended.

Manhattan Avenue and Montrose Avenue
Victims were walking home when they were approached by the perp. He displayed what appeared to be a firearm and demanded their money. The victims complied, and the defendant fled on foot.

Union Avenue
Defendant was observed by an undercover security guard inside of a drug store shoplifting from the shelves. The defendant then turned to leave the premises and was approached by the guard, who told the defendant to step back inside the store. The perp then used force to try and leave the store, at which point someone observed a knife in his hand. The perp was apprehended.

Varet Street
Unknown perps stole a pair of sneakers from a store. One of the perps attacked the victim when he tried to stop the other perp from leaving the store. Both perps then ran as the victim chased them. The victim then returned to the store without realizing that the perps were following him. They then displayed a black firearm. No arrests have been made.

Hope Street
Victim went to his neighbor’s apartment. Upon returning to his own basement, he discovered that his bedroom window was open and personal items were missing. No arrests have been made.

Wythe Avenue
Victim was walking northbound on Wythe Avenue at S. 4th Street when she observed an unknown Hispanic male at the front door of her store. She yelled at him, and he left on foot, down Wythe Avenue. When the victim got to the store the next day, she noticed that the windows and doorknobs were broken. No arrests have been made.

Humboldt Street
Unknown person entered the victim’s apartment and stole personal items. The perp entered through the front door, and when the victim returned he noticed the door was still open. There was no sign of forced entry and no arrests have been made.

Bedford Avenue
After leaving her apartment for approximately six hours, the victim returned home to discover her personal property worth $8,300 had been stolen. There are no signs of forced entry, and no arrests have been made.

S. 10th Street
Unknown perps broke the victim’s rear driver’s side window and stole personal property. No arrests have been made.

Kent Avenue
Victim placed her purse under the DJ booth at a local venue to go to the bar. When she returned to retrieve it she noticed that her wallet was missing. She immediately cancelled her credit card, though she noticed that an unknown person had used one of her cards without permission.

Ainslie Street
Victim parked her vehicle on Ainslie Street at approximately 5pm. When she returned, all four of her wheels and tires were missing. No arrests have been made, although a similar incident was reported the same day.

Graham Avenue
Victim placed her wallet on her desk. She then walked out of the room. When she realized she had left her wallet, she turned around to retrieve it, but by the time she got back her wallet was missing. No arrests have been made.

Ainslie Street
An unknown perp stole the victim’s property from his car without permission. The victim did not lock his car door, and there were no signs of a forced break-in. No arrests have been made.

Graham Avenue and Devoe Street
While on his way to work, the victim was approached by an unknown female who stated that she was a police officer. She then proceeded to search the victim’s pockets and removed $1,300 cash. Perp was wearing a mini shield on a chain around her neck. No weapon was used, and the perp then fled from the scene in a black vehicle. No arrests have been made.

Knickerbocker Avenue
Victim parked his car on Kickerbocker Avenue with the keys in the ignition. He returned five minutes later to discover that his car had been removed without his permission. No arrests have been made.

Metropolitan Avenue
Unknown perps removed the victim’s vehicle without permission. No arrests have been made.

Flushing Avenue
Victim rented a car to move. As he was shuttling his belongings between the car and his new apartment, he left the doors of the car unlocked and open. While out of sight, the car was stolen. No arrests have been made.

Wythe Avenue
Unknown perps stole the victim’s vehicle, which was parked legally and locked on Wythe Avenue. There are no outstanding violations. The vehicle was a rental car, and no arrests have been made.

An unknown perp stole the victim’s motorcycle. There was no broken glass at the scene, and no arrests have been made.

94th Precinct


Bedford Avenue and N. 7th Street
Victim transferred to the L-train at 14th Street with her purse. While exiting the train at Bedford Avenue, she felt a pull on her purse. When she looked down, she saw that her purse was open and her wallet was missing. She never saw a perp remove her property, and no arrests have been made.

Manhattan Avenue
Victim realized he lost his debit card while on Manhattan Avenue when he went to withdraw money from an ATM. When he went home to cancel his credit cards he was notified that unauthorized charges had been made. No arrests have been made.

Franklin Street
Victim placed her purse behind the counter at an establishment. When she went to retrieve it, she realized that someone had taken her wallet. Her bank called her to notify her that unauthorized charges had been made on three of her credit cards. No arrests have been made.

Meserole Avenue
While at an establishment the victim placed her handbag on a stool. Five minutes later, she returned to retrieve her bag and realized that it was missing. It had been covered by coats, but the stool had been tossed over. No arrests have been made.


Diamond Street
Victim left his house to walk to the bank, and upon returning discovered that his front door was open and his tv, laptop and watch were missing. No arrests have been made.
Morgan Avenue
Unknown perps entered the victim’s apartment through the front door and removed personal property. When the victim woke up, he discovered his front door wide open. He then discovered his items missing. When one of the roommates woke up, she discovered that her car keys were missing, and that her car had been stolen. No arrests have been made.


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