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BY Austin Kilham

Promises, promises, promises. For over two years now Ichiran, an offshoot of a Japanese ramen house that already makes its home in a number of Japanese cities, has been slated to open on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. The wait has caused a stir in for neighborhood foodies, who one wouldn’t guess were so ramen desperate. Of course it has helped the buzz generation that Ichiran declared that this would be a members only restaurant from the get go. If you can’t walk there from a Greenpoint address, forget it.
You better believe I signed up, and went through a phases of staring through the windows to see if any obvious progress in the space had been made. It never seemed like it had. And then last November the apparently 3, 000 person mailing list received a note in their email inboxes.
Because we are dedicated to providing the same level of quality that we have achieved at our restaurant in Hakata, Japan, we promise never to compromise until we have found a way to achieve the same delicious taste our customers have come to expect. We sincerely apologize for the time it is taking us to find everything necessary to maintain our level of quality, but when we are ready to open those who have registered will be the first to know
Man, guys, such a tease, but we await the opening with baited breath.
That said, there are other noodle games in town. M Noodle is itself an offshoot as well. It’s the little sibling of M Shanghai on Havemeyer between Grand and South 1st, but perhaps more aimed at the late night subway crowd; it’s open until 6 am and is located on Metropolitan just off the Lorimer stop. It may not be as mysterious as Ichiran, nor is it Japanese, but for a noodle craving, and as one of the only places you can get noodle soups in the neighborhood it will do the trick nicely.
There is some overlap with the M Shanghai menu including a number of the dumplings and pancakes, $4-$7. The delicious soup dumplings I have raved about in the past are there and well worth the trip. The pork buns and sesame pancakes are also a good treat. However, one does have to put it out of one’s mind that in Chinatown these things would be half the price and greater in quantity. But hey, when not in Chinatown…
You can get your noodles in plate form or soup form, $7-$8. Many of the dishes are exactly what you would expect like the cold sesame noodles or the house lo mein. The soups throw out a few more surprises, however. Try the drumstick noodle soup or the turnip stew soup. Or for some sinus clearing as the cold months persist, try the curried chicken noodle soup, with its deliciously spiced broth.
Until Ichiran finally comes around with mind-blowing broth and the perfectly textured noodle, two years in the making, M Noodle is the place for the quick in and out noodle fix.

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