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Police Blotters

BY Juliet Linderman

90th Precinct

Jewel Street
While the victim was walking home, she was fumbling for her keys. She was then grabbed from behind by an unknown male, who put her in a chokehold, threw her to the ground and began kicking her. She lost consciousness for 1-2 minutes before coming to, and realizing that her purse was missing. No arrests have been made.

Manhattan Avenue
As he was leaving a bar, an acquaintance approached the victim and hit him in the face with a metal object. He was then taken to Woodhull Hospital, and no arrests have been made.

Greenpoint Avenue
Victim left for vacation,and upon return discovered that her television was missing. The windows to her apartment were left unlocked, and the maintenance man did report an alarm going off while she was gone. No arrests have been made.

India Street
Victim’s car was broken into via the passenger-side window. No arrests have been made.

Green Street
An unknown perp entered the victim’s apartment through the front door, and stone two laptops. No arrests have been made.

Kent Avenue
Victim parked the company van on Kent Avenue, and upon return noticed that the lock on the van’s back door was damaged, and the gas generator was missing. No arrests have been made.

Eckford Street and Driggs Avenue
While she was walking to a bar, the victim was approached from behind by an unknown perp, who grabbed her purse off her right shoulder. He then fled on foot. No arrests have been made.

Manhattan Avenue
Victim was at a party and put her coat down with everyone else’s. Upon returning to retrieve it, she noticed that her credit cards, wallet and cash were missing from her pockets. She believes that her belongings fell out of her pockets, rather than were stolen. No arrests have been made.

Guernsey Street
Unknown perps stole the victim’s pocketbook from a store. She had put it down on the floor while shopping. No arrests have been made.

Department Store
An unknown perp used the victim’s corporate credit card to make several purchases, charging approximately $3,337. No arrests have been made.

Beadel Street and Debevoise Avenue
A male perp stole a 2003 Ford Econoline from its parking spot on Beadel Street. A security video captured the GLA, and an alarm was transmitted. No arrests have been made.

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