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Police Blotters (December 14-20)

BY Juliet Linderman

90th Precinct


Bushwick Avenue and Waterbury Street
Victim was approached by three males, one of whom displayed a black pistol. The victim handed over all the cash he had, his phone and his keys. The perps then asked the victim what building he lived in, walked him back to his building and robbed his apartment. The perps then fled in an unknown direction. No arrests have been made.

Meserole and Lorimer Streets
Victim was walking to school when he was approached by a black male, who displayed a boxcutter and tried to cut the victim, while demanding his phone. The perp then grabbed the victim and threw him to the ground, causing a possible fracture to his left arm. The victim was taken to Woodhull Hospital, and no arrests have been made.

Humboldt Street
After entering an elevator, a perp grabbed the victim from behind and displayed a black handgun. The perp then snatched the victim’s wallet, ID card and cash. The victim says that the perp lives in the same building, but no arrests have been made.

Ainslie Street
While unlocking her building door, two unknown perps approached the victim and attacked her, knocking her down to the ground and forcibly removing her purse, iPhone, earrings and other personal property. No arrests have been made.

Johnson Avenue
Perps entered the victim’s place of business and removed listed property without permission. There are no signs of forced entry, though the items stolen are far too heavy for one person to move on his own. No arrests have been made.

Havemeyer Street
Perps entered through the victim’s front door, and stole several electric heaters. One perp was arrested.

Meserole Street
Victim left his residence, and locked the doors behind him. When he returned home the next day, the front door was open and his laptop, camera, video games and backpack were missing. No arrests have been made.

Metropolitan Avenue
Victim left the location, and upon return the front glass door was shattered. Unknown perps struck the door with an unknown object, causing damage before attempting to pry the middle door open. No property was taken, and no arrests have been made.

Roebling Street
Unknown perps entered a residential building by breaking the back door bar, and stole a laptop and two DVD players. No arrests have been made.

Havemeyer Street
Victim left her door unlocked to go to the store. Upon her return, the victim noticed that the front door was open, and her laptops, cell phone, passport and other private property was missing. No arrests have been made.

Victim returned home to his apartment, but after going inside noticed that his laptop, camera, hard drive and jewelry had been stolen. There was no reported damage to the front door, and no arrests have been made.

Ainslie and Leonard Streets
Victim dropped her wallet, and when she returned home and checked her bank account, she discovered that her card had been used at two locations to make purchases. No arrests have been made.

Leonard Street
Victim’s roommate moved out of their shared apartment, and lifted the victim’s property in the process, including DVDs, collectible comic books, keys and a camera. The victim also states that his ex-roommate threatened him via text message. No arrests have been made.

Moore Street
Victim went home and realized that she left her wallet at the store. When she returned to the store, her wallet was gone, and a $45 charge appeared on one of her credit cards. No arrests have been made.

Graham Avenue
Unknown perps stole the victim’s bag from her desk. Her bag contained her bank card, her purse, checks and other personal items. No arrests have been made.

Montrose Avenue
Defendant went into the victim’s room to ask for a cigarette, and while reaching into the victim’s pocket the perp also lifted her Visa ATM card without permission. The defendant denied having seen the card when the victim asked. The perp was arrested.

Thornton Street
Victim parked her car on Thornton Street, and when she returned she noticed that the driver’s side window was broken, and her wallet, cash, social security card and other property was stolen. No arrests have been made.

Lorimer Street and Broadway
The 12-year-old victim was walking with her father when a perp snatched an iPod out of her hand, and fled on foot. No arrests have been made.

Broadway and Hewes Street
Victim was on the J-train at the Hewes Street stop when the defendant boarded the train and stole her cell phone from her right hand. The perp then ran off the train, but he was stopped at S. 5th Street and Hooper and was arrested.

Montrose Avenue and Bushwick Avenue
Victim parked his car and left it running, with the keys in the ignition, while he ran into a nearby liquor store. When he returned, the car was gone. No arrests have been made.

Hooper Street and Broadway
Victim’s son parked his car and left it unattended, with the doors unlocked and the key in the ignition. Upon his return, he discovered that his car had been stolen. No arrests have been made.

94th Precinct


Bayard and Lorimer Streets
Victim was walking home from a birthday party when two males pushed him to the ground and stole his wallet and cell phone before fleeing down Lorimer Street. No arrests have been made.

Lorimer Street and Bedford Avenue
Victim was walking through the park, talking on his cell phone when he was approached by a Hispanic male who displayed a silver handgun and told the victim to fork over his wallet and cell phone. The victim obliged, and the perp ran east out of the park, towards Lorimer Street. No arrests have been made.

Kingsland Avenue
Victim was approached from behind by three Hispanic males wearing dark clothing and a ski mask as he was entering the vestibule of his building. One of the perps put a knife to the victim’s throat and said in Spanish, “Don’t make a sound, let’s go to your apartment.” Once inside, the perps stole the victim’s cell phone, house keys, tools and cash. No arrests have been made.

Manhattan Avenue and Jackson Street
Victim was riding his bicycle, making a food delivery when perps knocked him off his bike and punched him in the face, and the body, causing swelling and lacerations. The perps attempted to steal the victim’s cell phone and money from his pants pockets. The perps were arrested.

North Henry Street
Upon returning home, the victim took out his house keys but the door was already open. On closer inspection, the victim realized that numerous items were missing, including his laptop, camera and television. No arrests have been made.

Freeman Street
Victim left her house, and locked the door behind her. When she returned home, she noticed that her laptop was missing. The victim explained that she had had a series of arguments with her old roommate, who moved our a few weeks prior and refused to surrender the keys to the apartment. No arrests have been made.

Diamond Street
Unknown perps entered the victim’s apartment through a window leading into the back yard, and stole her laptop and charger. No arrests have been made.

Norman Avenue
Unknown perps broke into the victim’s apartment and stole two laptops and passports. The front door sustained damages, and no arrests have been made.

N. 8th Street
Unknown perps opened the rear window of the victim’s apartment via the fire escape. The window was unlocked, and the perp stole the victim’s laptop, which was sitting in her bedroom. No arrests have been made.

N. 8th Street
Victim’s husband took the car to the store, and left the keys in the ignition with the engine running. When he came back out, he discovered that the car was missing. No broken glass was found at the scene, and no arrests have been made.

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