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Reyna Hosts First Ever Auxiliary Officer Awards

BY Juliet Linderman

On Thursday evening Councilmember Diana Reyna called on New York’s finest—the auxillery officers of the New York City Police Department—for the first ever Auxillery Officers Appreciation Day. With special guests NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Chief of Department Joseph Esposito, the event featured short speeches, brief performances and an awards ceremony during which each officer was given a certificate of appreciation.
“We want all of the officers to be able to shine, and to tell their stories,” Reyna said. “These officers serve their communities in their own free time, they chose to be an extension of the police department in their neighborhoods. We want to make sure that each precinct gets a moment, so they may feel proud and dignified.”
In 1950, the 81st Congress passed the Civil Defense Act of 1950, which authorized a civil defense program. The following year, the New York State legislature enacted the Defense Emergency Act, requiring New York City to recruit, train and equip volunteer civil defense wardens, who would provide traffic, crowd control and other assistance to police officers, in the event of an emergency. In 1967, the Civil Defense Headquarters was closed, and full responsibility was placed on the Auxiliary Police Program within the NYPD, at which point civil defense wardens were renamed Auxiliary Police officers. They operate on a volunteer basis.
“Time after time, auxiliary officers throughout the city have responded to emergencies and maintained order,” Kelly said. “They have made New York City the safest city in America. They are the eyes and ears of the police department. They advance the cause in the department in every form every second of every day, and their work does not go unnoticed, or unappreciated.”
And, as Reyna emphasized in her remarks, it is thanks to the auxiliary officers that Brooklyn is home to so many vibrant festivals and carnivals, block parties and street fairs: it is these officers who patrol the streets and keeps the crowds safe, while the rest of the borough celebrates the summertime.
“It takes a very special person to volunteer their time, energy and effort to their community,” Reyna said. “It is because of these officers that our communities have the opportunity to celebrate our culture, our heritage, our history through street parties and celebrations.”

Congratulations to the auxiliary police officers, who volunteer their time to keep our streets, our neighborhoods and our communities safe.

Auxiliary Officers of the 90th Precinct:

A/PO Bruno Vidal
A/PO Naser Bajrami
A/PO Pedro Caba
A/PO Alexis Contreras
A/PO Dominick Desiderio
A/PO Vernon Dye
A/PO Joselyn Espinosa
A/PO Jose Galan
A/PO Jose Gonzalez
A/PO Bryant Grayson
A/PO Ramon Guzman
A/PO Francisco Hidalgo
A/PO Glenis Hidalgo
A/PO Jackson Hidalgo
A/Sgt Igor Kretowicz
A/PO Brandon Lopez
A/PO Pablo Medrano
A/PO Frank Mejia
A/PO Paloma Miranda
A/PO Jose Moran
A/PO Tomas Morel
A/PO Geron Outlaw-Douglas
A/Sgt Christian Pena
A/PO Jose Pena
A/PO Jose M Pena
A/PO Carmen Perez
A/PO Antonio Pina
A/PO Carlos Rivera
A/PO Patricia Rivera
A/PO Junior Rodriguez
A/PO John Sanchez
A/Sgt Ray Santiago
A/PO Catherine Webb
A/PO Kevin Apolinario
A/PO Kristepheni Acosta
A/PO Yaniv Avrahami
A/PO Ramon Guzman

Auxiliary Officers of the 94th Precinct:

A/PO Dariusz Kuchar
AP/O Yogi Lazu
AP/O Josue Mendez
AP/O Beata Mikucka
AP/O Tomasz Murawski
AP/O Noel Otero
AP/O Krzysztof Parciak
AP/O Franklin Polo
AP/O Sebastian Prokopowicz
AP/O Julio Rosales
AP/O Marek Roszkowski
AP/O James Santiago
AP/O John Sikorski
AP/O Karol Smiarowski
AP/O Michael Smith
AP/O Lyonel Tanis
AP/O Gregory Vasquez
AP/O Maico Velez
AP/O Michael Webster
AP/O Mozes Weisberg
AP/O Fred Coltrinari

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