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Police Blotter, 94th Precinct

BY Talisa Chang



N 15th and Banker Streets
Around 2 pm, male perp approached an unsuspecting man from behind, tripped him and demanded that he hand over his wallet. After giving the perp what he asked for, perp and three others fled on foot. All four perps were apprehended. The victim sustained no injuries, but his wallet, bank card and $22 was stolen.

Franklin and Freeman Streets
Around 6 am, male perp approached woman and grabbed her purse from her hand, breaking the strap on the purse and injuring her hand, thumb, and wrist. Perp fled with purse but was grabbed by witnesses and apprehended. En route to the station, perp told attending officer “I’m sorry, what I did to that woman was f****** terrible, please tell her I’m sorry.”

Morgan Ave
Around 3 pm, male perp and additional female took car service from Queens to Brooklyn. When they arrived at their location, perp asked driver if he could break $100, then reached in and removed the key from the ignition, stating, “If you don’t give me your money you won’t see your wife and I’m going to call a friend and he’ll bring a gun.” The perp opened the driver’s door and the driver fled. The vehicle was recovered and the area canvassed but the perp has not been apprehended.


Jackson Street and Kingsland Ave
Close to midnight, perp attacked a woman, hitting her in the head with a baseball bat. She was hospitalized for pain, swelling, and a laceration to the head. The perp was a stranger to the victim and has not been apprehended.

Jackson Street
Female perp slashed victim along her back with a large kitchen knife. Victim was removed to Bellevue Hospital. Canvas was conducted and perp was arrested.

Manhattan Ave
Male perp was observed screaming and yelling obscenities and causing public alarm. When attending officer tried to subdue him, the perp headbutted the officer, causing substantial pain. Perp was arrested and the officer was taken to Bellevue Hospital.


Manhattan Ave
Perp entered victim’s apartment, possibly through his bedroom window, which he had closed but was open when he returned home. Window is connected to the fire escape but the ladder wasn’t down. Xbox and two laptops were stolen. Perp has not been apprehended.

Metropolitan Ave
Perps entered the victim’s building by forcing the front door open with visible damage to the door. Perps stole stoves and refrigerators and have not been apprehended.

Skillman and Meeker Avenues
Around midnight, male perp stole jewelry from commercial business and was later found to be in possession of burglar tools.

Conselyea Street
Perp(s) forced entry into the victim’s apartment, which was only accessible by buzzer. Victim’s bedroom was ransacked and a television, laptop, ipod, video camera, and Sony PSP were stolen. Perp(s) has not been apprehended.

Conselyea Street
Perp(s) entered victim’s apartment, where construction is currently being done in the building. A laptop, camera, and necklace were stolen. Perp(s) has not been apprehended.

Division Place
Perp stole laptop, charger, and handbag from victim while she was away from her apartment. Neighbor heard perp kicking down the door but left when he yelled at the perp through the door. There were no signs of forced entry but victim stated that the front door doesn’t properly lock and the window is usually not locked.


N. 11th Street
The victim’s car was parked and the right passenger side window was broken. The perp stole a laptop, ipod, garmin, and camera. The area was canvassed but perp(s) has not been apprehended.

Bayard and Lorimer Streets
Victim left his bag near the end zone of the soccer field and participated in a soccer match. When he returned, his bag had been removed, along with his cell phone, credit card, and glasses. Perp(s) has not been apprehended.

Graham Ave
The perp removed a wallet containing a debit card and social security card from an open pocketbook on the victim’s shoulder. The area was canvassed and the perp was apprehended several blocks away in possession of the wallet and its contents. The perp struggled while being placed under arrest.

Manhattan Ave
The perp removed over $3000 from the store where he worked over a period of time. He was arrested.

Bedford Ave
The perp fled a clothing store with $1328 worth of merchandise that he had not paid for. Perp has not been apprehended.

Bedford Ave and N. 11th Street
Victim returned to his parked vehicle and discovered a GPS and scissors had been removed from the back seat. There was no damage to the vehicle and the victim is unsure if the vehicle was left unlocked. The perp has not been apprehended.

N. 14th Street
Victim left her purse with wallet, ipod, cell phone, and credit card under a bench at a bar; when she returned it had been removed. Owner of the bar states the incident was captured on camera, showing a Hispanic Male, 5’8’’ removing the bag and fleeing in an SUV. Perp has not been apprehended.

Bedford Ave
Victim was walking when he was stopped by a female, who asked to read his palm. She suggested his aura needed to be cleansed but the victim did not believe this and walked away. Later, a second perp came up to the victim at a restaurant and told him that God sent her to him. She convinced the victim to come to her house to perform “cleansing.” Over a period of 10 months, he went to have his problems fixed and gave the perps over $60,000. Victim feels he was scammed for services that did not work.

Berry Street
Perp removed computer, watch, camera, gps, and cd’s from victim’s car with no sign of forced entry. The perp has not been apprehended.

Grand Larceny Auto:

Meeker Ave and Kingsland Ave
Victim came back from eating dinner at a restaurant to find his 2008 Harley Davidson motorcycle had been stolen. The perp has not been apprehended.

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