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Police Blotter, 90th Precinct

BY Juliet Linderman




Flushing Avenue
Several perps intimated a resident, by simulating a gun, into letting them into his apartment. Upon entry, the perps stole two cell phones, a laptop computer and $230 in cash. NNo arrests have been made.

Scholes Street
Two African-American males approached the victim and began punching him. The victim fell to the ground, sustaining bruises, scratches and scrapes to his right knee. While on the ground, the two perps stole the victim’s cell phone from his pocket.

Driggs and S3rd Street
The victim was walking home when an unknown perp grabbed him and locked him into a choke hold. The perp yanked a chain off the victim’s neck and fled down the block in an unknown direction. No arrests have been made.

Montrose Avenue and Lorimer Street
Victims were walking on Lorimer Street, approaching the intersection at Montrose Avenue when two unknown male perps approached the pair. They brandished a knife and lifted a sidekick and a blue Ipod. No arrests have been made.

Montrose Avenue
A perp approached the victim and punched him in the face, then attempted to hit the victim with a hammer. The victim sustained swelling and bruising to the face, but no serious damage.

Havemeyer and S4th Streets
The victim was walking in the park to meet up with some friends when 3-4 unknown perps approached him from behind and struck him with a stick, causing a laceration to the back of his head. They then struck him in the face. No arrests have been made.

Hooper Street
The victim’s ex-girlfriend approached him on the street to ask for five dollars. When he refused to fork over the cash and turned to walk away, the perp pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim repeatedly in the back, causing serious injury. He was transported to Bellevue Hospital. The perp was arrested.

Grand Street and Bushwick Avenue
The victim went to the corner store to buy some beers when an unknown perp struck him in the back of the head with a bottle. The perp then fled in an unknown direction, and no arrests have been made.

Devoe Street
The victim left his apartment and unsuspectingly went to work. When he returned home t hat night, he found that his apartment had been burglarized. Apparently, the burglars entered through the back window, after which they stole a Mac laptop, a digital camera and his rent check (!). No arrests have been made.

Middleton Street:
A few perps entered the victim’s apartment and stole $500 cash. No arrests have been made.

Flushing Avenue
The victims maintain that before leaving their apartment for work, they made sure the window to the fire escape was locked, and the deadbolt on the front door was secured. Upon returning to the apartment, one of the victims opened the door and deadbolt only to discover that her HDTV was missing! There is no sign of forced entry, and no arrests have been made.

Borinquen Place:
The victim left her apartment locked, but upon returning she found the window to the fire escape, which is always closed, left open. She noticed her laptop was missing.


Havemeyer Street:
The victim left his apartment at 5:30PM for school. When he came home, he found his cell phone and two laptops were missing.

Meserole Street
Perps pried open the metal door of a building to gain entrance, after which they broke through a sheet rock wall on the fifth floor in order to break into a studio and steal a Dewatt drill set and a Mac Book Pro laptop.

Rodney Street
Uknown perps entered the victim’s house via the skylight on the roof. The victim observed the security gate wasn’t secure over the skylight and her apartment, which she shares with her husband who is currently in the hospital, was ransacked and $5000, a diamond ring, a diamond wedding band, a diamond pin, a diamond necklace, a diamond watch, a diamond bracelet, a pair of diamond earrings, a silver fruit bowl and a collection of silver miniatures were stolen. No arrests have been made.

Rodney Street
The victim left his residence, and upon his return he noticed the window to his deck half open and the drawers in his apartment in disarray. A neighbor claims to have heard a door opening and closing several times while the victim was out of the house. $900 was stolen, and no arrests have been made.

Montrose Avenue
Victim states that unknown perps broke into his home by prying open the front door, and stole an Epson portable projector, four Shure wireless receivers, 16 Mackie channel mixers and 3 wireless microphones.


Scholes Street
The victim states that he hung his car keys up at his place of business—a mechanic shop—along with 16 sets of other car keys belonging to numerous other vehicles of greater value. He parked his car—a tan 2004 Chevy Tahoe—on Scholes street, and later that day noticed it was missing, but assumed his father had taken it. The next day, after approaching his father, the victim learned that his father was not, in fact, in possession of his vehicle. Now the victim believes one of his employees to be responsible for the theft.

Harrison Avenue:
The victim states that she left said location, and when she returned several hours later she discovered a bag of aluminum cans worth a total of $20,000 missing. No arrests have been made.

Grand Street:
While walking towards the train station from school, the victim’s cell phone was snatched out of her hand as she was putting it back into its protective case. The victim and witnesses chased after the perp, who was detained until police officers arrived at the scene.

Bushwick Avenue and Montrose Avenue
The victim was taking her bicycle down the subway steps when an unknown perp snatched two debit cards, a small purse, a bottle of perfume, a flight card, a social security card and a miscellaneous bank card from her open shoulder bag. She immediately cancelled her credit cards, which no one attempted to use. No arrests have been made.

Graham Avenue
The victim engaged in a verbal dispute with her boyfriend over money, by which he snatched her pocket book and grabbed a purse, $50, a passport and a NYS benefit card out of it. The boyfriend then jumped into a taxi cab and fled the scene. No arrests have been made.

Division Avenue and Wythe Avenue:
The victim states that a perp stole his car after he left it parked and locked at said location. The victim says there were not any outstanding parking tickets or summons, ruling out the possibility that it was towed. No broken glass was found at the scene and no arrests have been made.

McKibben Street
The victim states that upon returning to her apartment after a day out she discovered her laptop, grandmother’s jewelry, casio camera and $370 missing. Apparently, she left the apartment after granting the exterminator entry. No arrests have been made.

Flushing Avenue:
Victim was sitting at the bar when a witness saw the perp leave with something under his arm, at which point the victim noticed that her purse was missing. The purse contained a cell phone, a wallet, a passport, $150, a debit card and a set of keys. No arrests have been made.


Moore Street
Victim was shot one time in the right shoulder and immediately taken to Woodhull Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. A suspect has been arrested in connection to the crime.

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