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Greenpoint Grills at the first-ever Great Greenpoint BBQrawl

BY Juliet Linderman

To ring in Memorial Day weekend—and the hot weather so many Brooklynites have been waiting months and months for—five bars in Greenpoint threw some meat on the grill and tapped some local brews in celebration of the first-ever Great Greenpoint BBQrawl. Like a pub crawl, the participating establishments, most of which on Franklin Street, offered different types of complimentary snacks to drinkers and drifters alike. At Brouwerij Lane, passersby enjoyed brown ale and brownies; Black Rabbit Bar boasted pale ale and hot dogs; Van Gogh’s Radio sported pilsner and bratwurst, Mark Bar had IPA and chicken wings, and t.b.d.—which took the opportunity to unveil its brand new backyard—presented patrons with summer ale and hamburgers. And a good time was had by all!

Brownies at Brouwerij Lane

Bratwurst at Van Gogh’s Radio

Chicken wings at Mark Bar

Hamburgers (and an array of sweets) at t.b.d.

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