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Screaming Females Record Release

BY Adriane Quinlan

In a scraggly, grungy grimy venue last week, a practiced band played with polish. Last Thursday on South 2nd street’s Death by Audio the punk band Screaming Females celebrated the release of their third full-length record and the start of a tour that will soon zoom them through Europe. Where so many young punk outfits feel slapdash and facile—relying not on musical talent but on the brute force of anger or some semblance of youthful energy to carry vocals over easy chord progressions—the three-piece group is precise, musically adventurous and enormously talented, and writes melodic songs stacked with dorky guitar solos.
Fronting it all is the female. Marissa Paternoster only uses the infrequent scream to punctuate bluesy vocals closer to the vein of Alberta Hunter than punky LeTigre.

At Death By Audio, fans had waited three-and-a-half hours since the opening of the doors until the start of Females’ set, but they didn’t seem upset about it. When the band threatened to leave the stage, declaring their last song, someone in the audience screamed out: “Play ten more.” With this talent, there will surely be ten more records.

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