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Pool Parties Out, East River Concerts In: Thanks, OSA! *UPDATED*

BY Juliet Linderman

With the warm weather just weeks away, and the conversion of McCarren Pool back to a pool underway, thousands of concert-goers who attended the wildly popular McCarren Pool concert series the past few years have been left out in the cold. Now thanks to the Open Space Alliance of North Brooklyn, those who fiend for an outdoor show will once again be able to enjoy the sounds of summer in our neighborhood.
Our sources say that the Open Space Alliance of North Brooklyn has partnered up with the State to arrange the usage of the use East River State Park, located on North 8th and 9th Streets and Kent Avenue, for outdoor events and live musical performances, with the hopes of kicking out the jams as early as this summer. Though negotiations for use of the space are ongoing, sources are confident that the curtain will rise in time for the upcoming summer season.
“Because of McCarren park reconstruction, another venue was needed, and East River State Park is a great location on the waterfront with a great vista, and certainly one of the areas that would be large enough to accommodate a concert,” said Cathleen Breen of Friends of East River State Park. “It’s an area the city looks forward to having concerts in while McCarren Park Pool is being renovated. Ever since the pool was to be renovated, the power that be, behind the concerts sought to have another venue. City and the State are currently working on settling the details, but the goal is for this summer.”

Like the Pool Parties at McCarren Park Pool, Jelly NYC will be behind many of the events.
“That’s the plan,” said Alexander Kane of Jelly NYC in regards to the imminent Pool Parties reincarnation in East River State Park. “We haven’t officially finalized the deal with the State, but that’s certainly the goal.”

OSA Executive Director Stephanie Thayer is excited to get the ball rolling.

“This is a continuation of OSA’s work at McCarren Park Pool, just blocks away” Thayer said. “The Pool has grandeur but the East River State Park has its own exquisite beauty, with the waterfront and the skyline of Manhattan as an amazing setting for music. I hope that we obtain the sponsorship that allows us to diversify programming to embrace the entire neighborhood. What a tremendously fun way to raise funds for the park.”

In addition to OSA and State Parks, several of our neighborhood elected officials have played instrumental roles in making outdoor concerts at East River State Park a reality.

“I am really pleased that all of us are working together to offer concerts at the East River State Park this year. When I first proposed this land as a State Park, and successfully set aside money in the state budget to buy the land, this is one of the many things I envisioned: a place not only where the community could go to relax and enjoy nature, but also where they could go for interesting and exciting programming of all different kinds,” said Assemblyman Lentol.

Councilman David Yassky agreed, expressing his excitement about the upcoming outdoor events, not only as cultural draw to the neighborhood but also as an opportunity for economic growth. “These concerts have become a Williamsburg institution and a cultural draw for all New Yorkers. We are thrilled to be working with State Parks and OSA to continue summer concerts when our neighborhoods needs the increase in economic activity.”

As the weather starts to warm up, we are getting geared up for some summer fun and are very much looking forward to seeing what the City, the State and Jelly NYC come up with!

“These concerts will bring money into the East River State Park, and offer lots of summer fun,” Lentol said. “It has taken a lot of hard work, but I think this could be really fun and exciting for the community.”

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