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Bingo for B.A.R.C.


Everyone who knows Bernadette Peters knows she is an avid animal lover with a soft spot for dogs. You may or may not know Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore are the founders of Broadway Barks, which holds an annual adopt-a-thon fundraiser in Manhattan’s Shubert Alley.
Well, if Broadway Barks, then Greenpoint growled and Williamsburg woofed a great big welcome to Bernadette Peters when she approached at the first Bingo for B.A.R.C. (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition—a no-kill shelter in Williamsburg) which took place at My Two Dogs, a new Williamsburg pet groomer.

Most bingo halls are very quiet and the players keep to themselves, but bingo for B.A.R.C. was lively and fun, probably because the players were encouraged to bring their dogs. This was a novel idea, and I for one hope they do it again.
To donate to B.A.R.C. shelter, go to or call (718)486-7489.

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