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Italian Night at SummerStarz 2008

BY Adrian Nelson

Italian night at SummerStarz was full of tradition and Italian flavor. It was also very fun and cultivating. The turnout was very large. We had close to 200 people at Italian Night. I guess people decided to come out since there wasn’t going to be rain.

One of the best parts of Italian Night was the Oscar Award winning movie Rocky. This movie, hands down (that mean plain and simple), is one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen. The story is about a small time boxer, who gets a once in a lifetime chance to fight the heavyweight champ. Rocky is inspiring and entertaining at the same time. It also very funny watching Sylvester Stallone get the beating of his life, but he never gave up. He got in that ring and came out still standing. I think Rocky is a great family film, and an awesome film for die hard boxing fans.

Children’s hour was also very fun. We had a fun storytelling hour & arts/crafts by the Brooklyn Public Library. The kids loved every minute of it. I think the thing they loved the most was those butterfly hats that were made for them. I think I saw some parents sporting some too.

The best thing at Italian Night was the live performance by Brooklyn- Queens Conservatory of music. They are one of the oldest community music schools in the country. They serenaded us with beautiful voices singing Italian operas and folk songs. It was the first time I’ve ever heard opera. I have to say it was stupendous. I never thought I would like opera music, but the Brooklyn- Queens Conservatory of music certainly changed my mind. They have two locations in Park Slope and Flushing. If you wish to get in contact with the Brooklyn- Queens Conservatory of music you can contact them at (718.622.3300) or you can email them at

I have to say was very fun for all. I think that the up incoming nights are going to be just as exciting.

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