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Nadia Chaudhury

McCarren Park Splash

BY Lauren Belski & photographed by Nadia Chaudhury

The grass was sparkling in McCarren Park Tuesday afternoon as the Gazetteers made their way back from the Luncheonette, full of cheeseburgers, french fries, and summer nostalgia.

Nadia Chaudhury The sound of happy shrieks and giggles emanating from Abate playground sent us on a slight detour. Water guns, interlocking swings, splashes in the Wading pool—it was like stepping through a time warp to those long early August days where school was still far enough away that summertime wasn’t a fleeting vacation—it was a lifestyle.

Nadia Chaudhury But, like any summer day worth living, it takes an individual to devise a signature mode of play. These Greenpoint and Williamsburg tweens and tots know what’s what at the Park. Here’s what they’re playing…

Nadia Chaudhury “Chase.” Emery and Niko

Nadia Chaudhury “Play tag without touching the floor.” —Victor

“Freeze tag because you get to run around.” —Brandon

“Same as him.”—Nicholas

“Water balloons because I like getting wet.” —Kayla

Nadia Chaudhury “Swings. Because it goes high and it’s fun.” —Ricky, Blue, Barry

Nadia Chaudhury “Swings, cause they’re relaxing.”


“Monkey bars cause you can act like a monkey.” —David R.

“Monkey bars cause no one can catch you when you’re playing tag, and when you’re up there alone, you can just relax.”—David S.

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