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My Take on Country Night at Summer Starz 2008

BY Adrian Nelson

Country night at SummerStarz was very fun and different for me. I enjoyed every minute of it. The weather said there would be rain but luckily there wasn’t a drop of rain throughout the whole event. There was a great turnout even though people thought there would be rain. I guess people were really excited to come to here country music and watch the movie Blazing Saddles. This comedy was enjoyable for the whole family. It really made the mood great at SummerStarz. This movie was about a corrupt political boss who appoints a sheriff to ruin a western town. This sheriff promptly becomes his most formidable adversary. I have watched this movie several times, and every time it makes me bust a gut (that means laugh very hard).

For children’s hour we had the Hamilton Dance Studio. They were a sight to see. Their energy and enthusiasm made children’s hour great. The children loved dancing. They were shaking, and grooving all over the place. I have to say these kids could really get down. Hamilton Dance Studio made children’s hour a time those kids will never forget. The parents loved them to. I saw a few parents shaking as well. If you’re interested in Hamilton Dance Studio you can contact them at (718.349.1617) or go to there website at

Another great moment at SummerStarz was the live music by artist JJ Appleton. Now he is an artist to watch. His music was entertaining and very calming at the same time. I enjoyed his music given the fact that I never heard country music before. His music and personality opened up a whole new world to me. Now I love country music. JJ Appleton has headlined shows and supported acts such as Pete Yorn, Bee Lee, and Jasmine Cullum. JJ songs and music have also appeared on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daily, HBO’s Reverb, The Oprah Show and the Emmy winning “When America Was Rocked,” by acclaimed director Bruce Sinofsky. His music is innovative and entertaining for all. If you wish to book JJ Appleton which I’m sure you will you can go to his website at ( There is a picture of him below if you wish to see the face behind the music.

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