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Cooklyn’ With Tony Ice

BY Tony Ice

Hey friends! Tony Ice here! Brooklyn, get off your lawn chairs, put down the frosty beverages and do your civic duty to the best city in the world – New York, baby! It’s freakin’ summa, and that means one thing – BAR-B-QUE!

Now, I’ve done my fair share of grilling over the years, and whether it be Prospect Park, Uncle Sal’s cement patio or the bumpin’ hot block party – Tony Ice knows how to grill – Brooklyn Style! This Fourth of July, I’m here to offer you a special treat. 10 Pristine, 100% authentic Tony Ice Grilling Tips. So, without further ado, lets get to the flames, baby!

1. Do yourself a favor, get all the scallywags out of your grilling space. A grill master needs to work alone. A grill master needs to focus. A grill master cannot be bothered by little Joey who stubbed his toe playing catch with Uncle Sal. In my opinion, the best way to clear out the peanut gallery is to use a heck of a lot of lighter fluid. Spray the snot out of your coals before you light ‘em up. Then Ka-blambo! Stand back everyone, Tony Ice has this one under control. The more lighter fluid you use off the bat, the more dangerous the initial flame will be, and the more you’ll clear out a space for all your zen cooking styles.

2. Don’t be afraid of a little sweat. It’s gonna be hot, and you’re gonna sweat. There’s no getting around this one. If a little sweat drips on the sizzling meats – don’t worry about it! It’s the Brooklyn Special!

3. Maximize your grilling surface area. I’m sick of these jokers putting two or three burgers on a humongous grill. Get yourself 15 burgers, and a dozen Nathan’s dogs, and cover every square millimeter of your grill. Those coals ain’t gonna last a lifetime!

4. When it’s hot make your food even hotter. Don’t be afraid to lay into that bottle of hot sauce. In fact, the night before a big BBQ, get yourself ten steaks and a big old mixing bowl. Dump a bottle of hot sauce in that there mixing bowl, and plop the steaks right in. Let them sit over night in your fridge. Listen pal, people are already sweating, give ‘em the heat, baby!

5.Don’t over work yourself. Scout out a relative, friend, son, or daughter – someone who knows the ropes, and take a break every half hour. Trust me, if you don’t take a break, your meats are gonna suffer. And don’t think it’s selling out! The Yanks rest Jeter every now and then!

6. Get yourself a taste tester. Don’t rely on your own skewed sense of BBQin’ to tell you whether a burger is ready or not. Get uncle Sal on over. Say, “Yo Sal, give this burger a taste for me, will ya?”

7. Take compliments with a grain of salt. It’s Brooklyn. It’s summer. People are naturally having a good time out there. Don’t take a positive response to your head. Let it sink in. Ponder it over for a few minutes, but stay focused, no slacking!

8. Master the art of vegetarian grilling. Listen pal, get with the times. Not everyone wants a beef patty, chicken burger, or dog. There’s a lot of vegetarians out there, and even though they can’t get enough of grandma’s broccoli rabe, they need a little something else, too. Get yourself a dozen ears of corn, keep ‘em in the husks and stick ‘em on the top rack of your grill for 30 minutes. I would also suggest making your very own veggie burgers and dogs – all you need is some soy, Gimme Lean is a good brand. Remember – you want to make friends, not enemies out there.

9. Take a photo of a prized selection of meat. You never know, pal, you might just submit it to Cooklyn Magazine and win a trip for two a Cyclones game.

10. Never, and I mean never, be afraid to press the envelope. This city is 100% Unique. There’s always something new going down every day right here in the world’s best borough. I’ll tell you what. If you want to use Buffalo meat and spice it with smoked gouda cheese – don’t be afraid my little friend. Brooklyn is all about a party of the senses. Have some fun, baby!

Don’t forget to save yourself two selections from the grill. Sit back, observe the scene and enjoy your meal. Look at everyone, happy, eating their goodies. Take pride in knowing that you just did your American duty. If you need any more pointers, I’ll be at Prospect Park from 7:30 to 10:30 every Tuesday this summer grilling it up with some friends by the Picnic House. Please don’t hesitate to come out, I’d be glad to offer up some advice, with a flamin’ hot burger.

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